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Vitamin C Benefits to Cure Breast Cancer

by Sarah Syakira

Vitamin C Benefits to Cure Breast Cancer – Breast cancer patients taking vitamin C had any hope of survival from breast cancer. Neither vitamin from food or supplements. A study attended by the Swedish Karolinska Institutet, which published in the European Journal of Cancer says that breast cancer patients have the ability to survive from cancer when consumed a lot of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-cancer work by reducing oxidative stress. In its capacity as an anti-cancer, vitamin C has been observed since 1970 and found that vitamin C work involves a chemical reaction called hydrogen peroxide. That reaction causes the death of cancer cells.

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Analyses have shown that taking vitamin C can reduce the risk of breast cancer could even decrease the possibility of death from breast cancer.

The study, made in Sweden say that the effect of either vitamin C from food or supplements are very significant to breast cancer patients. A total of 17.696 women diagnosed with breast cancer given supplements of vitamin C. The results are surprising, 15% decrease in the mortality associated with breast cancer.

How vitamin C provide benefits for patients with cancer?

In an observation that is published in the European Journal of Cancer, Dr. Linus Pauling claimed that vitamin C has a strong antioxidant that is beneficial to get rid of cancer cells and many deadly diseases, including heart disease.

In his study, Dr. Pauling observed survival of women (breast cancer patients with severe) consume vitamin C (high dose) higher than those not taking vitamin C. In fact, and They say that taking vitamin C can last up to 487 days. While that does not consume vitamin C only lasted 52 days.

It suggests that vitamin C could be a remedy for those who have recently had breast cancer (not yet a severe disease).

Many studies show that vitamin C is beneficial for preventing cancer. This study is not only done by Dr. Pauling but also enumerated other research ever conducted. In other side studies show that vitamin C is beneficial to attack the cancer tumor and keep healthy cells during treatment.

A simple way to provide vitamin C to your diet

Besides to consuming foods containing vitamin C you can take vitamin C supplements. Recommendation of Dr. Pauling to vitamin C is one gram and drink two times a day. For those who suffer from serious problems such as breast cancer are encouraged to consult with a trusted health-related amount of vitamin C should be in the eating.

If you intend to take vitamins orally, then take a high quality (non-GMO), in powder form or liposomal. To get the best way to consume vitamin C, you should ask the advice of a doctor.

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Therefore, some healthy foods contain lots of vitamin C and can you eat on a regular basis. Among the foods that contain lots of vitamin C are broccoli, peppers, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon, mustard, and raspberry. This food is a source of vitamin C that you can eat every day.

Not only that, there are still plenty of healthy food, both vegetable or fruit is a source of vitamin C. The point is to choose a fruit or vegetable that is colorful and organic.

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