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Turmeric Alternatives: 6 Substitutes for Turmeric in Your Recipes

by Sarah Syakira

Turmeric is an important spice in many foods. What if you don’t have turmeric? Here we will write a substitute for turmeric in a recipe. However, turmeric is a unique spice and there is no perfect substitute for this. So, if you need turmeric in the recipe, then the best thing you have to do is look for or buy turmeric powder, or fresh turmeric which can be pureed.

That said, some say; there are several types of herbs that can replace turmeric, although not exactly like turmeric. If you use turmeric to get yellow, not for flavor, annatto or saffron is the best alternative. But it’s different if you make curry, then curry powder can be a substitute for turmeric. But if you want to get the same benefits with turmeric, ginger is the alternative.

6 Turmeric Substitute for Your Cooking

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1. Saffron

One substitute for turmeric is saffron, this is an herb that is taken from saffron crocus, it gives a yellow color to the dish like the color of turmeric. However, saffron is good as a substitute for turmeric in terms of giving a yellow color. In terms of taste, this is not the same as turmeric.

2. Curry Powder

Curry powder opens special spices, but it is a mixture of several spices into special spices to make curry dishes. One ingredient in making this spice is turmeric. However, bukna means that this herb is suitable for all dishes that require turmeric. Curry powder is only suitable to be added in curry dishes because of the sharp smell.

3. Annatto

Annatto is an herb that comes from the seeds of achiote trees, it has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor. So, even though this is a substitute for turmeric, it is not the same as flavor. However, annatto is well used in cooking to give a yellow color like the color of turmeric powder. So, if you need turmeric to give the color of the dish, then one of the substitutes for turmeric is annatto.

4. Ginger

For certain dishes, you can use ginger instead of turmeric. This is suitable if your recipe wants to get health benefits from turmeric. So, ginger is the substitute. Ginger and turmeric are still in one family of Zingiberaceae plants, both of which have great anti-brewing, so it’s not wrong if you use ginger instead of turmeric in terms of its benefits.

5. Fresh/Dried Turmeric

In home cooking like curry paste, you can replace turmeric powder with fresh turmeric root. Likewise the opposite, but there are differences in terms of levels. If you want to try it, replace 1 1/2 inches of fresh turmeric with each teaspoon of turmeric powder.

6. Cumin

If your recipe requires a simple bitter taste, maybe cumin is a substitute for turmeric that is suitable for your cooking. Cumin is an extraordinary spice that is very flavorful. But the taste is different from turmeric. In addition, cumin is not suitable for giving yellow. But, for the taste, it has a taste similar to turmeric.

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