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Sweet Potato Health Benefits, Healthy Foods

by Sarah Syakira

Sweet Potato Health Benefits – It is one of the healthiest foods. You like to eat sweet potatoes, continue your habit because it is not only cheap and readily available in traditional markets. However, the sweet potato also saves a myriad of health benefits for us. The following are 7 health benefits of Sweet Potato.

7 Sweet Potato Health Benefits You Should Know

1. Sweet potato contains B6 Vitamin

The content of B6 vitamin in sweet potato helps remove chemicals ‘homocysteine’ of the body. Homocysteine is a hazardous substance that link to degenerative diseases, like heart disorder.

2. Potato is the source of vitamin C

Everyone knows that vitamin C is an essential component of the body’s needs. The benefits of Vitamin C also have a major role in bone health, in the form of teeth and digestive health. Vitamin C also has important useful to boost immunity, like speeding up the wounds healing and keep healthy skin from free radicals and keep the body always young. Not only that but benefits of vitamin C is also good to ward off toxins that enter the body, such as toxins that cause cancer.

3. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the body to boost immunity and keep the body healthy. As we know, vitamin D formed in a body as a result of the sunlight absorption. Vitamin D is one of handler control for the body’s energy, mood, helps form healthy bones, healthy heart, healthy nerves, skin, and teeth, and it help the thyroid gland.

4. Contain iron

Iron has a huge number in sweet potato. Many people know that our body needs the iron to produce enough energy. Not only that, iron has a capacity of producing red blood cells, white blood cells, stem the occurrence of stress, boost immunity. Not only that but also helps the absorption of protein into the body.

5. Contains magnesium

Magnesium is anti-stress mineral. Sweet potato health benefits are tremendous because it contain much magnesium in it. The useful of magnesium is build a healthy artery, blood, bone, heart, muscle, maintain nerve function.

6. Source of potassium

The Sweet Potato health benefits because it contains potassium. High potassium content in sweet potatoes makes this meal very necessary for health. Potassium is an electrolyte that controls nerve signals and rate of the heart. Same to other electrolytes, potassium also has an important function in maintaining the activity of the kidney, muscle contraction, and prevent swelling.

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7. Sweet potatoes have a sweet taste and ideal to consume

Sugar content in sweet potatoes will be discharged slowly into the bloodstream, so it does not cause a bunch of blood sugar or diabetes.

These are seven sweet potato health benefits you should to know. The sweet potato is a spreading plant that can grow easily. So the sweet potato price in the market is also poor, and readily available. If you’ve never eaten this healthy food, immediately tried, sweet potatoes can also be a substitute for your morning breakfast.

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