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What is Matula Tea, Benefits and How To Make It

by Sarah Syakira

Matula tea is an herbal drink that utilizes native African plants. This is a very good herbal drink to improve digestion as practiced by indigenous African tribes.

What is Matula Tea

Matula tea is a herbal drink brewed with herbs and plants from the South African region. The ingredients used can be different between each recipe because it really depends on the preparation that is done and in accordance with the interests of each individual.

Matula tea uses several basic herbs such as guava leaf, wild garlic, olive leaf, Syzygium Cordathus, rooibos tea, licorice, Artemesia Afra, and including Cyclopia Intermedia. This herbal concoction has been used for centuries by indigenous African tribes in controlling various health conditions, especially those related to digestion.

Matula tea does not contain caffeine like in other lai tea. The taste is also understated or can be said to be like the taste of unsweetened green tea. But you can also add natural sugar to give it a sweet taste, and the benefits will also be different.

How to Make Matula Tea?

Matula tea can be prepared by yourself at home. If you want to make this tea yourself, you can prepare the ingredients we have mentioned above. However, it is highly recommended that you buy matula leaves or matula powder that is ready to be packaged. You just need to add ingredients or other ingredients into it.

For those who want to make their own matula tea, please note the recipe below.

Matula Tea Benefits for H. pylori?

Some people claim that the active ingredient in Matula Tea can neutralize H. pylori to a very high level. H. pylori bacteria are very common and for now more research is needed. While the results of the first study showed that matula tea is very good for these bacteria.

Matula Tea Side Effects

If you consume matula tea in an unnatural way, there are several possible side effects that can occur, including bloating, nausea in rare cases.

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