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Lentil Soup Calories and Macronutrients Fact

by Sarah Syakira

Lentil Soup Calories – Warm lentil soup was very tasty and filling. If you eat lentils with the recommended amount, then the incoming calories remained stable and did not leave problems for your weight. Lentils can be filling because a lot of fiber content. Lots of fiber does not mean a lot of calories, but the fiber will help keep you full.

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The Lentil Soup Calories number
Lentils are very healthy, contains fewer calories so you do not need to be alarmed consume. Just like other broth soup, lentils contain a lot of water so that very few calories.

The calorie content in lentils can vary depending on how big the can. In general, in one can of condensed lentil soup contains 140 calories and is equivalent to one cup of plain soup. There is also one canned lentil soup contains about 130-150 calories per cup.

Macronutrients Good Source
Lentils are healthy foods that contain carbohydrates, macronutrient is changed by the body into glucose which then produces energy. In one portion of soup of lentils contain 26.7 g carbohydrates. While the purposes of daily carbohydrate is 225 g per day for women and 325 g for men.

Additionally, lentils Soups are the best source of protein. In one portion of soup of lentils contains 8 g of protein. While the size of the daily amount of protein the body needs is 46 g for women and 56 g for men.

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