kefir health benefits

Kefir Health Benefits – Maybe for some people kefir is a rare drink, but in western countries the drink is very attractive because it contains a variety of health benefits. Vitamins and mineral in kefir make it as a beverage that capable of addressing a variety of health complaints.

Kefir itself is quite similar to yogurt or probiotic drinks. Kefir is made from dairy ingredients, fermented. However, natural benefits of kefir are much better than yogurt; kefir fermented for using more than 60 types of microbes. While regular yogurt only consists of little microbes. Kefir comes from the Turkish language which means “Keif” which means pleasant or unpleasant feelings.

Kefir has existed since centuries ago that originated from the Caucasus mountains in Persian. In fact, there is one type of drink (that allegedly is kefir) also listed in the Quran (the holy Muslim Book)

The Nutritional Value of Kefir

As one health drinks, kefir has many vitamins and minerals and also has some of the material compositions. Here is the composition of kefir:

  • Bacterium
  • Yeast
  • Amino acid
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B 1 and B12
  • Vitamin K
  • Lactic acid

25 Kefir Health Benefits

With abundant content, of course, kefir has many uses. Here are some kefir health benefits:

1. Healthy digestive organs and improve digestion

Kefir health benefits for digestive enormous because this healthy beverage contains good bacteria and microbes that work digestion. Moreover, is also able to launch the process of digestion. So the risk of experiencing gastrointestinal disorders will be reduced.

2. Fix the bile and pancreatic function

The content of the good bacteria in kefir can optimize the function of the bile and pancreatic. So the health benefits of kefir can not be underestimated

3. Anti-inflammatory

The kefir health benefits too visible in preventing inflammation. So kefir into a natural ingredient that is magnificent at treating the infection and inflammation of the body organs