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Is Baby Oil Good For Your Skin?

Is Baby Oil Good For Your Skin

Is Baby Oil Good For Your Skin – Its our title to day. Maybe we only know baby oil as a special oil for babies. In fact, baby oil is not only good for babies but also very good for use by adults. Baby oil is a mineral oil derived from petroleum and it has good moisture for the skin. Also, it is beneficial to give your baby a sense of warmth.

For centuries ago, baby oil has been known as a miracle oil for exceptional baby health. However, I’m sure you do not yet fully know about the facts and benefits of baby oil. Here we will give you some things you need to know.

Is Baby Oil Good For Your Skin

1. Is Baby Oil Safe?

Baby oil is safe for various purposes. There are many reasons why baby oil is chosen as an essential oil for babies. Among the popular benefits of baby oil is to treat diaper rashes, cradle caps, even as oil for all baby needs from head to toe.

Overall, baby oil is safe to use, says Simona Mazenyte, a skin therapist. He said that baby oil has been in use for long periods of time even centuries and does not show any problem on the skin of either baby or adult.

Baby oil is proven safe throughout its use that this oil has been regulated by the world’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Baby oil can serve as a skin moisturizer that can be used by anyone. However, you should have the best oil for you if you suffer from allergies. Choose aroma-free baby oil and avoid sunburn if your skin is sensitive because baby oil can increase the risk of sunburn.

2. Is Baby Oil Can be Used for Moisturizing

You need to know that mineral oil (baby oil) has a content similar to natural skin care products such as coconut oil. In addition to coconut oil, cream that contain Aloe Vera is contain higher moisture than regular moisturizing oils. You can use aloe Vera oil as well as a baby skin moisturizer such as using on the elbows and knees.

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If you want to use baby oil as a facial moisturizer, you must be careful because it can clog pores and cause acne and premature aging. Avoid if you have allergies to fragrance, and avoid using baby oil as the main product of body care.

3. Is Using Baby Oil Helps You Sunbathe

It needs your attention, that baby oil is a reflector, it will attract more sunlight and make UV light absorbed more by the skin. This is very bad for your skin health, because it can cause your skin to look black and black.

So if you use baby oil on the skin, avoid walking under the sun or sunbathing unless you want your skin damaged by ultra violet rays.

4. Is Baby Oil is Absorbed by the Skin

Baby oil is very well absorbed by the skin, maybe that’s why this oil is good for baby skin problem. So, for those who have dry skin, this oil is very good for keeping moisture. But you should know that the side effects are very bad. Baby oil will block air circulation in the skin and prevent the production of collagen in the skin. This is very disturbing your skin health, so avoid using baby oil as a moisturizer.

However, if you do not have other drugs, you can use baby oil on dry skin but choose baby oil without scent.

5. Baby Oil as Makeup Remover

If you want to use baby oil to remove makeup, choose a safe for the skin. Usually baby oil is used to remove eye makeup and this is very effective even the price is also very cheap compared to the standard makeup remover.

However, we further recommend to use coconut oil as a remover of makeup because it can minimize redness and acne on the skin.

6. Does Baby Oil Cause Acne?

If you use baby oil for acne treatment, stop immediately! Baby oil causes your pores to clog up and trigger more acne, because it is considered as comedogenic. In fact, using baby oil can aggravate your skin from before. Avoid using comedogenic products such as baby oil for blackheads and acne treatments.

Based on research, comedogenic products have a tendency to block pores. In turn this will cause skin problems.

7. Does Baby Oil Burn the Skin?

As we have said, this oil absorbs a lot of ultraviolet light and can certainly cause skin burning. In addition, if you want to use baby oil, do not warm it because it can cause heat like cooking oil. So also with sunlight, if you already use baby oil, avoid sunbathing under the sun.

8. Does Baby Oil Drive Out Mosquitoes

Yes, this is one of the unique benefits of baby oil, it can repel mosquitoes that want to get closer to you. This is made for the baby to avoid mosquito bites that are dangerous for him. The slick nature of baby oil can make mosquitoes difficult to stand and stick to the skin.

For best results and free from side effects, use aroma-free and cream-free baby oil.

9. Does Baby Oil Darken the Skin?

Using baby oil as a skin moisturizer will not darken your skin, but health experts recommend that baby oil is mixed with iodine (a dark solution usually used for antiseptics).

However we recommend that you get approval from a healthcare professional before doing this method.

10. Does Baby Oil Fade Stretch Marks?

No research that justifies, but you can use baby oil during pregnancy to maintain skin moisture and prevent the development of stretch marks.

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11. Is Baby Oil is Good for Hair

The benefits of baby oil for hair is proven because it is able to increase blood flow to the hair follicles. Not only keep hair healthy, but also prevent hair loss naturally. To get this benefit, you just need to massage a few drops of baby oil at scalp evenly. Dry hair will be moist and avoid frail and broken.