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How To Get Rid Of Bruises Naturally

by Sarah Syakira

How To Get Rid Of Bruises – Bruising can happen to anyone, it is a trauma or an internal injury from the skin that occurs due to collision, fall or blow. The clash that occurred resulting in the rupture of blood vessels so it appears red or black when viewed. This situation can disappear by itself, but you can use some natural way to speed healing and eliminate bruises.

10 Ways How to Get Rid Of Bruises Naturally

Natural treatment that we will explain below can you try at home. Find the ingredient that you need and please do it at your home.

#1. Heat

Applying heat is one of the usual ways to remove bruises. Applying heat can smooth out blood flow and cleanse blood clots that occur due to impact. In addition, heat can also relax the muscles in the section so as to relieve pain and muscle tension.

You can use a heater or use a bottle filled with hot or warm water in it.

Using essential oil also a good alternative to get rid of bruises naturally. Read on Effective Essential oils for bruises healing.

#2. Using ice cubes

Compress with ice cubes is another way you can try. It aims to keep the blood from flowing into the area that leaks around the bruises. However, the use of ice cubes should be done immediately when there is a collision and has not experienced blood clots.

Use a bag of ice or frozen vegetables that have been wrapped in a cloth. Put ice on bruises for 10 minutes, then pause for 20 minutes or 30 minutes, then do more compression with ice cubes.

#3. Elevation

Elevate the bruised body to the top of the heart. The benefit is to prevent blood gathering in the bruises, the blood will flow down, this reduces the pressure and compression. This ancient way can also accelerate the healing of bruises that you experience.

#4. Bandage

Wrapping bruises with elastic bandages also includes one way to remove bruises. Bandages can reduce severity and pain. This process will squeeze out the tissues so as not to cause blood vessels to leak.

#5. Vitamin K cream

Furthermore, how to get rid of bruises is by using vitamin K cream. The benefits of this cream is reduce blood clotting and severity of bruises that occur in laser treatment.

How to use it very easy, you simply rub the vitamin K cream on bruises twice a day.

#6. Arnica

It is a useful ancient herb that reduces blood clotting and inflammation. Based on research in 2010 found that arnica ointment is powerful in reducing bruises due to lasers when used topically.

Just like vitamin K cream, just apply a few times in a day.

#7. Using Aloe Vera

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera is amazing, one of them is to remove bruises. Aloe Vera proved to be powerful in relieving swelling and pain. How to get rid of bruises with aloe Vera is by using it directly on infected area.

#8. Using vitamin C

Vitamin C contains good anti-inflammatory agents against wounds. You can get vitamin C from gel, serum, cream containing vitamin C. But for the natural way you can consume foods containing vitamin C.

#9. Using Pineapple

The health benefits of pineapple is enormous at all. Pineapple is a fruit containing bromelain enzyme. This enzyme acts as an anti-inflammatory and useful to reduce bruising. How to remove bruises with pineapple is by consuming bromelain supplements or consume fresh pineapple.

Another way is with destroy the pineapple until smooth and apply it to cuts or bruises.

#10. Comfrey leaves

It is a useful plant that cures inflammation and pain in the skin. Compress the bruises using dried comfrey leaves. Soak the leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes, then take the leaves and apply on the bruises. You can wrap the comfrey leaves on the bruises using a towel.


Those are how to get rid of bruises naturally. Bruising can happen easily, but curing it takes a long time to several weeks. Using some of the herbal ingredients and natural way we have mentioned helps to speed up the healing process. Remember! you have to rest optimally to get a fast recovery.

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