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How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath, 5 Best Home Remedies

by Sarah Syakira

How to get rid of alcohol breath – Now many people are twisted with a modern life that in fact is not healthy. A cigarette and a glass of alcohol in his hand or drinking alcohol became a trend and something important. Moreover, the lives of adolescents today, they mostly fall into bad lives, alcohol parties, and various other crimes.

If you are one of them, maybe you are happy with the party of alcohol, but after that you feel bad with your breaths smell, yes alcohol breath. This is very haunting you especially when meeting with parents at home or with friends, this is certainly very difficult for you.

Why does the drinker breath is smell? Did you know that when alcohol enters to body? Our Body consider alcohol as toxic, thus preventing its absorption. On the other hand, the liver is slowly metabolizing alcohol so that it enters your bloodstream, entering your lungs and your breath gives you an odor of alcohol, even your sweat also emits an odor of alcohol.

If you feel bothered with breaths smell, then immediately avoid this drink and learn to live healthier and make friends with good people. If you do this, a great achievement in your life have you achieved.

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Do not worry, we can help you with some home remedies that effectively eliminate alcohol breath. Ok, here are some ways to eliminate alcohol breath that has been proven to give hope to you.

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath, Booze Breaths

Here are some ways to get rid of alcohol breath fast by using natural and simple ingredients.

1. Using Mouthwash

This is a very simple and easy way to do. Effective to eliminate the smell of alcoholic beverages in the mouth quickly. However, this method will not change your stomach, because alcohol is still in your stomach and body.

How to:

  • Use teeth-paste that contains a strong odor like peppermint, another potent herb that has the same properties. Brush your teeth gently for 2 minutes, brush your tongue and mouth evenly.
  • Then rinse out and throw away what’s in your mouth
  • Cleaning the tongue aims to remove traces of alcohol trapped on your tongue.
  • Use a mouthwash with a strong odor, then gargle with this liquid in a specified time, for example 30 seconds to get freshness for your mouth.
  • Gargling with mouthwash is also good for removing odor in the throat.
  • Remember, don’t using mouthwash made of alcohol, this only makes you more destroyed and bad breath is increasing.

2. Chew the candy

Another alternative to eliminate alcohol breath is chewing gum. This candy is not only chewed to increase the appearance, but also useful to eliminate bad breath.

Now a lot of sugar-free gum, which is chewed to regulate the facial nerve and remove fat on the face. Chewing candy is also useful to train facial muscles more relaxed.

How to:

How to get rid of alcoholic breath with chewing gum is by choosing sugar-free gum, choose which sour taste, not sweet taste. Sour candy will stimulate saliva productivity, this helps to eliminate alcohol-breathing odor.

Mint gum can also be a solution, but this is not good because it produces a mint smell in the mouth, people think you are hiding something.

Note: Make sure you use a sugar-free gum

3. Using garlic

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath using garlic, it is very effective even into your stomach. Smell of Garlic very strong, this odor is able to cover the smelling of booze in your mouth, even from your sweat that came out. Garlic will leave the odor for a long time and make your whole body smell garlic. So this is very effective to eliminate the smell of alcohol in your body.

But if you are meeting or wanting a date, avoid using garlic, because the stinging smell can ruin your event with your girlfriend.

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How to:

If you already drink alcohol, stop and free your body from the poison. Consuming garlic or garlic bread, garlic fries, garlic potatoes fries can be an alternative for you.

Chew two cloves of garlic in the morning, or mix with pure honey and eat. The smell of garlic will always lurk you, this is better than your friend smell the alcohol on your face. They just ask about your favorite foods and do not ask your lifestyle.

4. Onion

Furthermore, way to Get Rid alcohol from your breath is by eating onion. If you see red onions in the vinegar on the table, do not forget to take a little to help remove your dragon’s breath.

Same to garlic, onion also contains a strong odor. The smell lasted up to several hours that up to a day and night. Consuming garlic and onion can be a good way to covers alcohol breath in your mouth.

How to:

  • When ordering salad, do not forget to have chopped onion in it. So also consume burgers, fill with chopped onion rings.
  • If you’re having a home party, use raw onion in the sauce. It helps mask the odor and even the smell of alcohol.

Another way to rid of the alcohol and nights boozing is by destroy two cloves of garlic and onion. After destroyed, use in egg dough, and fry the egg to get the benefits you want.

5. Drink coffee

Coffee is a strong-flavored drink, it good for removing the smell of alcohol such as whiskey, scot and others bad smell.

More steadily, coffee does not cause you to stay away from friends. Differences with garlic drinks that can sometimes interfere with your social life. However, coffee is actually considered cool.

In addition, a glass of fresh and strong coffee is able to give you relief and increase alertness, this is good if you’re at work.

How to:

  • Enjoy a glass of black coffee without sugar in the morning to start your day.
  • Drink coffee anytime, especially when you are going to attend a big pickle like a meeting or training.
  • Chewing some roasted coffee beans in a few hours can give you a smell of coffee and a distinctive aroma.

6. Eat peanut butter sandwiches

Difficult with alcohol breaths, one simple way you can try is eating peanut butter, you can take it for lunch, or dinner. Besides peanut butter, salmon also able to eliminate the smell of breath from drinking alcohol.

These are some natural home remedies to covers alcohol breath fast naturally. Once your breath is fresh and odorless, start a new, healthy life free from alcohol breath.

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