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10 Home Remedy for Cough and Cold

by Sarah Syakira

Home Remedy for cough and cold – Cough and cold is a common health problem that occurs when the rainy season arrives. Granted this is not a chronic disease, but do not treat and keep silent also very troublesome because of cough and cold can hinder our activities. Then you should try a home remedy for treating coughs and cold. Indeed there are many types of chemical drugs, but to preserve the health and side effects we should use the natural treatment from home remedy for cough and cold.

Cough and cold did not look at anyone, it’s time he would attack anyone. Then know home remedy for cough and cold is very important. This home remedy will control the production of mucus and throat and boost immunity so cold and cough quickly resolved. Here are 10 home remedy for cough and cold.

Home remedy for cough and cold

1. Ginger tea
Very nice warm ginger tea is consumed to remove mucus and phlegm that often arises when coughing. So ginger can be an alternative to accelerate the healing process of cough and cold.

2. Turmeric and milk
If you do not like ginger tea, you can try a home remedy from turmeric and milk. A glass of warm milk mixed with turmeric could drive a cough and cold. You can use this simple way for kids or adults.

3. Lemon, honey and cinnamon
Furthermore, the home remedy for cough and cold is a mixture of lemon, cinnamon and honey. Here is how to: put a little honey in a saucepan, heat to boiling, then put a little cinnamon and lemon juice. Take this syrup to against cough and cold.

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4. Treatment with gargling
Rinsing the mouth with warm water mixed with salt is an ancient therapy for treating coughs. If you wish a speedy recovery, add a little turmeric in your salt water. This herb is really very powerful to treat your cough.

5. Honey and brandy
Furthermore, honey and brandy is a home remedy for cough and cold that is considered very good. Brandi is a material that can warm the body from the cold, while honey is material to eliminate cough. Combine these two ingredients to immediately resolve the problem that you are experiencing.

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6. Drinking water
Water is the solution for all diseases. To treat cough, cold, sore throat try drinking warm water. Warm water will reduce the inflammation in your throat, the water also helps add fluid in your body and facilitate the movement of toxins in the body to come out with urine.

7. Special Spiced tea
Make a cup of tea and put tulsi, black pepper and ginger. These natural materials will combat the problem of cough and colds from your body.

8. Honey, lemon, warm water
These are 3 natural ingredients that are very good for a home remedy to treat cough and cold. Mix these three ingredients in a glass of warm water and drink several times during coughs and colds. Feel the difference

9. Try flaxseed
The next Home remedy for cough and cold is flaxseed. How to make a decoction: Boil until thickened and filtered. Enter a few drops of lemon juice and honey. Consumption of these drinks on a regular basis to relieve your condition.

10. Carrot juice
This is not a specific drug to against cough and cold, but by consuming carrot juice regularly can improves your condition and allows you to recover from a cough. Carrot juice is not only useful to relieve cough but very good for your health in general.

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These are 10 home remedy for cough and cold. Before you go to a doctor, you should try this traditional herb, because this herb with no side effects and safe for consumption. While chemical drugs might get negative impact for our health in the future, be careful and Good luck.

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