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Amazing Health Benefits Of Tamarind

health benefits of tamarind

Amazing Health Benefits Of Tamarind – Tamarind is a food that is added to food to get best taste. Acid taste make dishes more delicious and tasty. In India,┬átamarind using for making the sauce, chutney, even used in curry dishes. However, sour tamarind was not only useful for flavoring dishes but also good for health.

How about you? Do you also use tamarind? If you are interested in tamarind, we will explain the health benefits of tamarind which is few people know.

Health benefits of Tamarind can not be separated from the content of nutrients within. tamarind contains iron, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B, potassium, and manganese as well. Not only that, tamarind is also famous for its beneficial as anti-inflammatory and prevents free radicals in the body.

Another surprising thing is containing lupeol and polyphenols. These are two substances that act as anti bacterial, fungal, viral, and kill parasites.

Although the health benefits of tamarind was very nice, but we should be careful in taking them. Those who are taking blood thinning medications should not consume tamarind.

Health Benefits of Tamarind Should You Know

1. lowers Cholesterol Level


Because of the rich in antioxidants and fiber, tamarind believed can lower the body’s cholesterol levels. It is also good for preventing diseases related to the heart.

2. Helps Us In the Prevent Cancer

health benefits of tamarind to prevent cancer

Tamarind also contains tartaric acid and antioxidants that are good for protecting the body from free radicals and prevent the formation of cancer cells.

3. Weight Loss

health benefits of tamarind weigh loss

Tamarind is a fruit that contains hydroxycitric acid which is a substance that is able to slow down the formation of fat in the body. In addition, tamarind also plays a role in preventing a person from overeating. So, this is very supportive of your diet to lose weight.

4. Boosts Immunity Level

health benefits of tamarind to immunity

The health benefits of tamarind is thanks to their immune enhancing antioxidants and vitamin C. You can consume tamarind directly or by adding the curry dishes.

5. Helps Control Blood Pressure

health benefits of tamarind high blood pressure

The foods rich in the iron and potassium. So, Tamarind useful for controlling blood pressure and it also works to produce red blood cells.

6. Helps Control Diabetes

health benefits of tamarind to diabetes

Furthermore, the health benefits of tamarind is to control diabetes. Consuming tamarind helps keep blood sugar levels and prevent the absorption of carbohydrates in excess, this is the cause fluctuations in blood sugar. You can drink a glass of tamarind juice to keep the blood sugar spikes.

7. Helps digestion

health benefits of tamarind to digestion

Tamarind also includes foods rich in the pectin and tannin. Both of these substances maintain digestive health and prevent constipation.

So, health benefits of tamarind are enormous to us. Substances such as antioxidants and tannin are very important to protect the growth of cancer cells. So, do not avoid tamarind fruit in your days.