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7 Health Benefits of Sabudana or Tapioca

by Sarah Syakira

Health benefits of sabudana – Have you ever heard of sabudana food? Perhaps the name “sabudana” rather infrequent. Indeed, since sabudana is the Indian name for tapioca. Maybe you’ve been eating tapioca and know the taste. Sabudana is very tasty and delicious, especially when made into a porridge meal. Sabudana derived from extracts of the plant roots. It has many health benefits mainly because they are low in fat. So, you can consume this food without fear to fat.

Health Benefits of Sabudana

Sabudana are foods derived from cassava root extract. Cassava is a healthy food that contains a lot of carbohydrate as well as low in fat. Consuming sabudana or tapioca do not need to worry about the fat that causes weight gain. Tapioca lot in produce in Brazil, and several countries around the world. However, these products are available worldwide. OK, now let’s look at the health benefits of consuming sabudana.

1. Increase muscle growth

If you one of person that do not like vegetarian food, you should consume sabudana as a protein source. One of the health benefits of sabudana is due to be shed for the protein. Besides cheap in cost, sabudana also has a good flavor and delicious as well as worth to try. health benefits of sabudana for muscle growth

2. Good for bone health

In addition to the muscles, sabudana also has other health benefits. Beside contain protein, also contains a lot of vitamin K and calcium. So, tapioca is very good for bone growth. Sabudana consume regularly is good for preventing bone loss. health benefits of sabudana for bone health

3. Treating anemia

As we know that sabudana contain much iron as an important mineral in preventing anemia. Iron trigger the production of red blood cells, so consume sabudana excellent in preventing and treating anemia. health benefits of sabudana for anemia

4. Controlling high blood pressure

Consuming sabudana can increase blood flow to all parts of the body smoothly. It is will make the blood vessels widen so blood pressure can stay away. health benefits of sabudana for controlling blood

5. Increase energy

Sabudana khichdi is very good food as breakfast. The food is often used as a staple food by the Indians. High nutrient content very well in adding power and energy. health benefits of sabudana for energy increasing

6. Preventing birth defects

Furthermore, the health benefits of sabudana is for preventing birth defects. So it is important for pregnant women to consume tapioca or sabudana. However, pregnant woman can also consume other foods like broccoli and good food for the baby’s development. health benefits of sabudana to prevent birth defect

7. Good for digestion

Sabudana also known as food that is good for digestive health. It works by increasing the production of fluid in the digestive tract that makes your colon healthy. It will affect your digestive well. health benefits of sabudana for digestion

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