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Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves

by Sarah Syakira

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves – Talking about Moringa leaves, probably you thought about black magic because moringa leaf is often used to repel black magic or ghost. Moringa leaves benefits not only for that but also to human health, ranging from trees, fruits and even the leaves.

Part of the Moringa plants that are often utilized as a vegetable is the leaves. Besides leaves, all parts of Moringa can be employed as a health potion.

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves

1. Overcoming allergies.

To cope with allergies, how to make potions from Moringa leaves is by taking three handles of the leaves and boiled, take too fennel pulasari (Alyxia stellata), plus one spring of onions, added with water as much as three cups, boiled until the water boils and the remaining roughly two glasses, then filtered and drank every day on a regular basis.

2. Treating herpes

The health benefits of Moringa leaves for herpes, ringworm and suppurating wounds, how to create a potion: Take seven handles of Moringa leaves and mash until smooth, then stick to the troubled

3. Treating sore eyes

Health benefits of Moringa leaves to the eye is by making a potion, the trick is by taking three handles Moringa leaves, and then mash until smooth and add one cup of water, stir thoroughly, and let stand until the waste settles to use the water for eye drops.

4. The benefits of Moringa leaves for rheumatism

To treat rheumatism, stiff, sore, take two handles, and whitish take as much as half a tablespoon moringa leaf and then mash until smooth, then rub on sore body parts as you use param oil.

5. Prevent Cancer

The health benefits of Moringa leaves can also cure cancer. A high content of antioxidants and potassium within is beneficial to prevent cancer.

6. Treating diabetes.

Moringa leaves are very delicate consumed by diabetics, substances in the leaves of Moringa will get down the blood sugar levels. It is said that the leaves can serve as natural insulin in treating diabetes, to avoid this disease, you can also consume Moringa leaves in fresh vegetables or gulee rampoe (Aceh)

Those are some health benefits of Moringa leaves. Moringa leaves are abundant in the yard, or it could also be used to buffer the fence. Planting trees is also easy because it can grow anywhere.

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