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8 Health Benefits of Kombucha

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Health benefits of kombucha – This tea can be used as natural ingredients to detoxify, restore rheumatoid complaints, eliminate the bad cholesterol, smooth bowel movement and many more. Kombucha tea contains many antioxidants that are useful for a variety of medical complaints such as cancer, diabetes, and contribute to boosting the immune system. So, what is kombucha tea?

Kombucha is one type of tea that is very beneficial for health. Kombucha is fermented beverages and very refreshing to drink. This drink is the result of fermentation of sweet tea combined with symbiotic bacteria acetic acid. This drink has been used in the world of medical for hundreds of years ago in mainland China Southern Ocean. Kombucha has a unique taste and is precious in the world of health.

Nutritional Value of Kombucha Tea

Kombucha is composed of yeast and bacterial species with polyphenols, amino acids and organic acids. This drink is a drink that is critical in generating power. Kombucha contains many useful vitamins and mineral nutrients. Among the vitamins contained in tea kombucha is vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), vitamin B6, B9 vitamin (folic acid), B12 vitamin, vitamin C. It also contains many chemical ingredients such as acids gluconate, oxalic acid, acetic acid, glucuronic acid, usnat acid, fructose, and lactic acid. With so many nutrients in kombucha, then drink it possessed many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Drink known as kombucha contains antibiotic is bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic which work against pathogens and are used in various treatments either humans or animals.

1. Detoxifies poisons
The health benefits of kombucha to remove toxins in the body is immense. Kombucha can bind toxins into the liver and remove it through the urine. This is will help maintain a healthy heart and pancreatic burden. Not only that but kombucha will also prevent the dangerous effects of pollution.

2. Antioxidant Power
Kombucha has many benefits in ensuring the health of the body. One contains abundant in kombucha are organic acids like glucuronic acids that help the body from oxidative damage. The content of antioxidants in kombucha will work hard to eliminate free radicals in the body so that the body is maintained.

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3. Maintain a healthy heart
Kombucha is an herbal drink that has extraordinary benefits. Research carried out related to kombucha also provide information that can restore glutathione levels. A comparative study that conducted on black tea, kombucha tea and enzymes that made as black tea provides evidence that kombucha tea can maintain a healthy heart and removes toxins from the liver than other tea.

4. Prevent Cancer
The health benefits of kombucha are also enormous in preventing cancer. This drink will prevent and suppress the growth of cancer cells is acidic glucaric. This acid is highly effective in preventing a variety of cancers such as pancreatic cancer and breast cancer. Not only for this cancer alone, but kombucha tea is also beneficial in preventing various types of other cancer.

5. Anti-Microbial
Kombucha is a drink that is effective in preventing a variety of pathogens. The health benefits of kombucha extinction of various types of pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermis, Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritis, Pseudomonas aeruginosin, Listeria monocytogens and Helicobacter pylori.

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6. Lowering bad cholesterol
The health benefits of kombucha followed were as reducing the level of cholesterol in the body. This drink will inhibit the growth or the addition of LDL as well as stimulating an increase in good cholesterol or HDL. Not only that, but kombucha is also beneficial in reducing triglycerides.

7. Maintain digestive health
Kombucha is a drink that is good for digestive health because it can eliminate various bad bacteria in the intestines. Kombucha worked as a probiotic ingredient that is capable of sustaining intestinal health and tackle problems such as constipation.

8. Stronger immune system
The next health benefits of kombucha is for immune system. Kombucha is a fermented beverage that is rich in antioxidants so useful in improving immunity and increase energy. The content of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory in kombucha is very helpful in addressing a variety of bacteria and infection.