health benefits of honey and cinnamon

Benefits of honey and Cinnamon – The combination of natural ingredients usually will be a stunning traditional medicine. One of the combination of natural ingredients is honey and cinnamon. Both of these natural ingredients when combined will be a tremendous home remedy in treating various health complaints. It is a traditional medicine that has been used for thousands years ago.

In Chinese medicine, cinnamon considered as a material that generates heat, it is suitable for treating cold conditions. While honey is a natural substance that is neutral. Merging these two materials in addition to adding a delicious flavor is also a cure for the disease.

Cinnamon has some kind, there are genuine and some are false. Before you use cinnamon in the treatment you should be able to distinguish between the two cinnamon. The original cinnamon is usually known as Ceylon cinnamon, while fake cinnamon is called as cassia. Cassia is false and poisonous wood, the wood is not recommended for using in a wide range of needs, even some countries have banned this type cinnamon.

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10 Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

1. Anti-bacterial

Combination of cinnamon and honey is an effective herb in treating the disease. Honey is known for its anti-bacterial, and this is supported by various studies. While cinnamon is a natural substance that known as an anti-inflammatory and contains many anti-oxidants. When the two are combined in a single cup beverage will become a drink cure for various health conditions both outside and inside.

2. Beneficial to the heart

Regular exercise is important for heart health. In addition to sports and active lifestyles, there is drink that can maintain a healthy heart, it is a mixture of honey and cinnamon. Honey and cinnamon can prevent heart disease by cleaning clogged arteries.

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3. Treating bladder infection

The health benefits of honey and cinnamon is effective for bladder problems. Honey and cinnamon if combined in one cup be a good anti-bacterial in treating bladder. This drink will clean the bladder of various infections.

4. Treating Arthritis

Many people report that their health condition is getting better after drinking a mixture of honey and cinnamon. In curing the arthritis they drink honey and cinnamon twice a day ie before breakfast and before bed. A study at the university of Copenhagen using 200 patients of Arthritis as a sample. After they drink honey and cinnamon for a week then 73 of them reported to have experienced in good conditions.

While once a month they consume a mixture of honey and cinnamon, almost all patients found to have been able to walk and work. It is a very remarkable health benefits of honey and cinnamon, right.

5. Drug for gingivitis

Manuka honey is said to be effective in treating dental plague, infection, bleeding, and itching gums. How to make this herb is by applying honey and cinnamon that have been made such as pasta at gums for every day. This herb is very effective as a drug for bleeding gums.

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6. Tooth Decay

Honey and cinnamon are also able to overcome the tooth decay. But this seems to contradict the study conducted in New York that say honey can damage the teeth. However, research in New Zealand stated that honey and cinnamon great to overcome teething problems, because honey has anti-bacterial properties.

7. Digestion

Another benefit of a combination of honey and cinnamon is smooth the digestion. Combined these two natural ingredients capable of cleansing the colon from toxins. These conditions will promote good bacteria in the intestine so that digestion conditions also improved.

8. Overcoming gas, bloating and gout

Honey and cinnamon can protect the stomach problem. These ingredients useful for cleaning the stomach and cure the infection, so good for curing bloating, gas and uric acid problems.

9. Lose weight

Honey and cinnamon is also good to eliminate food cravings. Besides, two materials will also burn fat faster compared to only consume cinnamon alone.

10. Increase vigilance

Honey is a natural ingredient that is useful for improving memory. But when honey and cinnamon combined, then the health benefits will be greater because can increase alertness and memory. There are also those who say that a combination of these two materials will be a cure for cancer, but there is no scientific evidence. But some say that they have been healed of breast cancer and colon using cinnamon and honey.

These are 10 health benefits of honey and cinnamon that you can try. The actual, benefits of cinnamon and honey are still very much at all. So we suggest that cinnamon become one of the ingredients in your dishes. While honey make it as your daily beverage by adding a few tablespoons of the beverage. For maximum results for your health, mix honey and cinnamon and drink regularly.