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Health Benefits of Green Eggplant

by Sarah Syakira

Health benefits of green eggplant – Maybe we are accustomed to purple eggplant, but there are many varieties of eggplant are edible and useful for health. In addition to purple eggplant, you can try the green eggplant. Green eggplant vegetable usually made as a complement to the cuisine, but not only that because green eggplant also saves a lot of benefits for health.

Green eggplant plant is still included in the Solanaceae family and the Solanum genus. The green eggplant is native to Sri Lanka and India, generally grown on an annual basis because these plants are rather old age. Green eggplant typically planted to complement the cuisine, but you can also get some of the health benefits of green eggplant. The following are some advantages, as we explore.

The Health Benefits of Green Eggplant

1. preserve the health of blood vessels
Green eggplant perhaps more famous as food for preventing cancer, anti-seizure. But green eggplant is also beneficial for maintaining healthy blood vessels healthy. In Nigeria said that they came to idolize these plants because the properties are remarkable. Consume these vegetables can nourish blood boats and makes you relaxed avoid the nervousness.

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2. Eliminate convulsions
The health benefits of green eggplant are also useful for relieving convulsions. The content of scopolamine, skoparon and strikin works as a natural remedy for treating seizures, nervous and nerve spasms.

3. Eliminate pain
The green eggplant is also used as an ingredient for pain relief. In Korea green eggplant fried in the sun before being used as a cure lumbago, rheumatism, and other. Beside that this is also efficacious for treating dependence on alcohol, measles, chickenpox, burns.

4. Against Cancer
The health benefits of green eggplant The most powerful is the fight against cancer. These vegetables can prevent and even reduce damage to the cells with chromosomal storage as a sign of cancer in the body.

That four kinds of health benefits of green eggplant need to know, so we do not underestimate this vegetable.

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