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13 Best Health Benefits of Garlic Essential Oil

health benefits of garlic essential oil

Health benefits of Garlic Essential Oil – Garlic is an important spice for various dishes. It is still part of the onion’s family, rakko, and leek. Garlic contains antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Garlic is useful as a famous traditional medicinal since past. The benefits of garlic is fabulous as preventing heart disease, colon cancer, stomach cancer. Another benefit of garlic is to reduce cholesterol and matters related to cardiovascular diseases.

Now, the benefits of garlic is no longer limited to onions physically but already packaged in the form of essential oils. Here we see the health benefits of garlic essential oils.

13 Health benefits of Garlic Essential Oil

Health benefits of garlic is able to cure for various health complaints. While in culinary world, garlic also acts to turn food into a delicious and healthy dishes. Garlic essential oil obtained from steam distillation process by crushing garlic. For the manufacture of home, you can chop up the garlic and soak it in vegetable oil, but less concentrated.

Here we look at the health benefits of garlic essential oil:

1. Maintain skin health

Garlic essential oil provides many benefits for the skin as well as good for the treatment of ringworm, and itching. Itchy athlete’s foot can also be cured with this oil. Mix the garlic oil in warm water and wading your foot there.

2. Strengthens the immune

The use of this essential oil will boost immunity, contains many nutrients such as vitamin B2, B5, B9, B1, B3, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, protein and iron.

Garlic oil capable of handle diseases caused by microbes. Take one drop of garlic oil and breathe slowly. It will raise the body’s immunity and mobilize white blood cells to fight disease.

garlic essential oil
garlic essential oil

3. Treating Acne

Stain on the face due to spotty also be cleaned using garlic oil. This oil has antioxidant properties, so good for the skin regenerates quickly and prevent the free radicals that cause skin aging.

4. Prevent Cancer

Its helps increase the body’s immunity and provide resistance against cancer. A study showed that consuming garlic either raw or cooked will provide magic for health benefits stomach, esophageal cancer and colon cancer.

Not only that, the benefits of garlic also lower the risk of colorectal cancer by 30%. However, pill or garlic supplements do not provide the same benefits.

5. Bodily Aches and Pains

Garlic oil is also effective to treat muscle spasms. This drug is also often a solution for women whose menstrual cramps, and anemia.

6. Reduce bad cholesterol

Garlic is useful for reducing cholesterol, blood triglycerides and reduce the formation of plaque in the arteries. It also prevents obesity by reducing excess water in the body, fat, salt and other toxins.

Mix 5 drops of garlic oil with sesame oil will provide enormous benefits to the reduction of excess fluid in the body. Massage this mixture on your body and feel the benefits. Magic oil is also useful to reduce inflammation resulting from rheumatism and arthritis.

7. Treat ear infections

Furthermore, the health benefits of garlic essential oil is to treat infections of the ear. Thanks to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of garlic.

How to apply: Heat a few drops of garlic oil mixed with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and coconut oil. Once cool, use by applying to the ear. Another benefit is treating the common cold and sinusitis.

8. Healthy Hair

The other benefit, garlic essential oil also helps hair growth and soften the hair. The content of vitamin B6, sulfur, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and C make this oil to cure diseases of the scalp.

Next, rub garlic oil on the scalp will strengthen the hair roots because of the blood flow. Besides strengthening the hair, the benefits of essential oils of garlic also trigger the growth of new hair and clean the toxins attached to the scalp.

9. Heart disease

Garlic is a potent herb from the kitchen to treat heart disease and atherosclerosis. However, this news has not been supported by evidence. Research shows that garlic is useful for treating heart disease, while the disease is not yet known atherosclerosis can be cured with garlic.

10. Antimicrobial activity

Garlic is a natural substance that has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The content of Allicin and thiosulfinates play a strong role in the anti-microbial.

However, those who consume garlic declined against atherosclerosis. Garlic works by diluting the blood so powerful to overcome a stroke and heart attack.

11. Treating Tooth ache

Garlic essential oil is also as powerful way to deal with toothache. If you toothache get cotton ball and drops of garlic oil, then apply on the aching tooth for 30 minutes. This is will help ease the pain.

12. Manage Diabetes

For those of you who suffer from diabetes, garlic essential oil seems important to you. This oil helps you from the onset of diabetes.

13. Getting rid of mosquitoes

One of the ways to kill mosquitoes is using garlic oil. If your room filled with many mosquitoes, just use garlic oil to expel them. Potent smell of garlic can keep mosquitoes out of the room.