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13 Health Benefits of Beetroot for Pregnant Women, And Infant

health benefits of beetroot

13 Health benefits of beetroot, for pregnant women, and infants. Beetroot is a root of the beet crop that is very useful for health. Beetroot price is expensive, perhaps because the tubers are not readily available and contains many health benefits. Beetroot has the same form as cassava, but the beet has content that is very different.

Beetroot has a taste like the smell of soil and somewhat bitter. But the bad taste of this saves a lot of health benefits for the body that suitable for pregnant women, even for babies. Beetroot is rich in benefits for a variety of health problems, health either mild or chronic problems. To get the maximum result, we can consume beetroot directly or making juice.

The Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot is very useful for the prevention and treatment of disease Because it contains a lot of nutrients and rich in vitamins. The body needs nutrients contained in beetroot is much. Beetroot contains a lot of vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, fiber, folic acid, coumarin, phosphorus, betacyanin, potassium, tryptophan, iron and much other nutritional contents that contained in beet. Here are some health benefits of beetroot that you need to know.

1. Healthy for the heart
The health benefits of beetroot for a healthy heart. Problems and heart problems, including a greatly feared disease at this time. Then an effective way to avoid heart disease is to treat the heart from the outset. Beetroot entrusted contains a lot of potassium can reduce hypertension. Hypertension is one of the disorders that inhibit blood to the heart. Consuming beetroot is also beneficial for reducing homocysteine, it is a harmful substance that present in the heart. The presence of homocysteine ​​in the blood vessels peripheral heart was broken and potentially someone stroke.

2. Maintain stamina
Beetroot for health benefits is also excellent to maintain strength. To obtain these benefits you can consume beet juice daily. Beet juice will eliminate fatigue, lethargy, and fatigue. Beetroot contains Nitra very much useful for reducing oxygen expenses when you move.

3. Avoid anemia
Anemia or anemia can happen to anyone. To overcome anemia beetroot is the best solution because it contains a lot of iron. Iron can improve hemoglobin and can be used to supply oxygen to the body.

4. Smooth Digestion
Health benefits of beetroot are also good for digestion. Unhealthy eating patterns often interfere with digestion such as the appearance of diarrhea, nausea, and dysentery. Drinking beet juice regularly can solve this problem.

5. Healthy gall bladder
Drinking beetroot juice directly highly beneficial for the health of the kidneys and gallbladder. This is because the beetroot juice can act as a kidney and gall bladder cleanser of toxins that accumulate and settle in the organs. Once the toxins removed the kidney and gall bladder would be clean and healthy.

Health benefits of beetroot for pregnant women

6. Maintain immunity
Pregnant women are often attacked by the disease because it is important to keep the expectant mothers immune. Very nice beetroot juice consumed by pregnant women to maintain stamina and immunity. Beetroot is rich of vitamin C, and antioxidants.

7. Lowering Cholesterol
During pregnancy, maternal body weight will not be controlled. During pregnancy weight will usually increase sharply, with an increase in body weight of the cholesterol in the blood, too uncontrolled. Therefore, beetroot is believed to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Beet juice will be very beneficial for health if consumed regularly.


8. Prevention of Cancer
Health benefits of beetroot are also very useful in cancer prevention, as beetroot is rich in C vitamin and can act as an antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants are very helpful in cancer prevention.

Health Benefits of Beetroot for children

The Beet is not only safe for pregnant women but also very good for children’s health.

9. Good for bones and teeth
The calcium content and phosphorus in the beetroot are very beneficial for the growth of bones and teeth in infants, and it would be easy to crawl and then walk.

10. Stable the blood
Beets can improve and create hemoglobin in the blood so that the red blood cells in the baby’s body will be more stable and kids avoid anemia.

11. Preventing inflammation
Health Benefits of Beetroot for infants in preventing inflammation. Minerals in beetroot are very beneficial to hold and prevent inflammation commonly experienced by infants. Inflammation comes from viruses and bacteria; babies are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

12. The benefits of beetroot for the eyes
Beetroot is rich in the content of beta-carotene. The content of beta-carotene is very beneficial for child eye health. Bright eye on the baby will stay awake by consuming beetroot.

13. Feeding the brain
The health benefits of beetroot to educate the baby’s brain. For those who want a smart baby, drink beetroot juice every day to your baby, because regular intake of beet juice would be beneficial for the child to increase brain function.