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13 Health Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

by Sarah Syakira

Health Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil. Myrrh Essential Oil contain extraordinary properties. Among the characteristics of this oil are antimicrobial, expectorant, stimulant, carminative, anti-fungal, anticatarrhal, sweat, vulnerary, antiseptic, blood circulation, tonic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. These properties provide tremendous benefits for overall health.

Myrrh Essential Oil obtained from the resin extract. In scientific language is called by the name Commiphora Myrrha. The plant is a native of Egypt. Ancient Egyptian often use resin as a perfume. In addition, they also use essential oils as a wound healer. Myrrh important components are Alpha pinene, limonene, Cuminaldehyde, Cadinene, eugenol, Heerabolene, Acetic Acid, cresol, seskuiterpen and Formic Acid.

The number of important components in this essential oil make it very valuable in the past medical world to the present. Here are some benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil for health.

Health Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

1. Antimicrobial and Antiviral

One of the greatness of Myrrh Essential Oil is contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Oil consumption make bacteria and viruses can not live in the body’s system. This is useful for preventing diseases caused by microbial infection such as fever, measles, food poisoning, mumps, whooping cough, cold, smallpox, and wound infection.

Myrrh essential oils do not have any side effects as found in other antibiotics. So, you are safe to consume without fear of harmful effects.

2. Astringent

The essential oil of myrrh act as astringent. So, the benefit is to strengthen ties gums to the teeth, muscles, intestines, skin contract, and strengthen internal organs. In addition, the health benefits of myrrh essential oils is strengthens hair roots so it does not easily fall out.

Another benefit that you do not expect is to provide a contraction in the wound so quickly stop the bleeding.

3. Anti-fungal

Myrrh essential oils also have anti fungal so it is good to prevent fungal infections. Safe to use on the inside of the body and outside the body.

4. Expectorant

Furthermore, the health benefits of myrrh essential oils is functioning as an expectorant. It is indicates very good for treating coughs and colds, reduce phlegm and relieve your breathing.

5. Carminative

The benefits of myrrh essential oils same to health benefits of Melissa essential oils. Both were able to treat flatulence problems that often cause odors in public.

6. Stimulants

Another benefit of myrrh oil of is to stimulate blood circulation, digestion, mind, excretion and nerves as well as the launch secretion. This encourages oil pumping of the heart, and digestive secrete bile into the stomach and keep you alert.

7. Beneficial for stomach

Various health problems related to stomach can be treated with essential oils of myrrh. You stay slathered on your stomach and feel the effect.

8. Anti-catarrhal

This is another characteristic of the myrrh oil. The health benefits of myrrh essential oil able to decrease excess phlegm and other problems associated with mucus such as difficulty breathing, coughing and chest felt heavy.

9. Diaphoretic

Furthermore, the health benefits of myrrh essential oil is spending a lot of sweat. It is possible to spend a lot of toxins and foreign substances in the body. In addition, the sweat also helps remove harmful gases such as nitrogen.

10. Vulnerary

This is an excellent property of the oil of myrrh. With the presence of these substances, the wound will quickly heal due to awake from infection.

11. Act as Antiseptic

If you save this oil at home, you do not need to worry with small cuts or abrasions. This oil will keep you from infection and septic, so that your wound will quickly heal and away from the dangers of tetanus.

12. Boost immunity

Using essential oils of myrrh also provide benefits for the immune system. Oil will activate the immune system in the body and preserve the body from infection.

13. Anti-inflammatory

The health benefits of myrrh essential oils are known to prevent inflammation in a variety of tissues. It could treat health problems such as fever and viral infection.

Other Health Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh oil is very famous for its soothing properties, anti-depressant and uplifting spirit. Another health benefit are fade scars, freckles, both used to treat skin diseases, gum disease, treating diarrhea and nice to cope with skin diseases such as eczema, rashes and ringworm.


Indeed, Very much on health benefits, but if used in excess can trigger negative effects on health. This oil should be avoided by pregnant women because it can stimulate miscarriage.

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