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Health Benefits and Side Effects of Beet Juice

health benefits of beet juice

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Beet Juice. Beet is part of the vegetable root or said with “tuber.” These roots are round shape and about same as rutabaga. Not only beetroot can be eaten but also beet leaf. Beet leaves can be steamed or juiced into a healthy drink. However, consuming beet not only gets positive effects on health but also contains some adverse effects on health.

In general, beetroot has some health benefits, and a friendly fatherly maintain your body’s health. Here are some advantages of beet for the health of the body.

Health Benefits of Beets

1. Against cancer cells
Betacyanin compound content in the beet helpful for the fight against cancer because it reduces cellular respiration and slows the growth of cancer cells. When mixed with other elements such as broccoli, parsley, carrots and it becomes a natural cancer-fighting ingredient.

2. Lowering blood pressure
Beet juice is known for its benefits in reducing blood pressure levels may be better than modern medicine. A study conducted in 2008 and published in “medical journal Hypertension” reported that eating a cup of beet juice / day can reduce blood pressure very quickly. Effects can even drink juice lasted up to 24 hours.

Besides that, there is another study published in the “Journal of Nutritional” that drinking beet juice every day on a regular basis can lower blood pressure in healthy men. But for those of you who are taking medication, is expected to consult a doctor before starting to drink beet juice, because beet juice also contains a lot of side effects.

2. Relaxes blood vessels
One of the compounds found in beet juice is nitric oxide (NO), these compounds are useful to relax the blood vessels, reported by the American Heart Association. These compounds also contain anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory.

Seeing this extraordinary benefits, beet juice is useful for preventing stroke and heart disease.

Beet Juice Negative Effects on Health

As it contains positive effects on health, the beet juice also contains some adverse effects on health. However, this effect can vary widely depending on the condition of a person’s body.

1. Beeturia
When a person consumes beet juice in large quantities, the urine will change color to pink, even including fees will also change. It is called the Beeturia, and you do not need to be afraid because this is only the effect of the pigments in beets create and harmless to health.

2. Kidney stones
Beet juice contains high levels of oxalate so terrible for people with kidney stones. If you’ve had kidney stones or are experiencing kidney stones, then you should stay away from the beetroot or beet juice.

Beet juice can aggravate the condition of your kidney stones may even increase the risk of kidney stones. So consult with your doctor whether you can consume beet juice or not.

3. Potential vocal problem
Consuming too much beet juice is also a risk of the emergence of tightness in the throat and difficulty in speaking. So if you experience signs like this, you should immediately stop taking beet. However, this situation does not happen to everyone, because there are those who are mediocre and do not experience this.

4. Fever, chills
Other side effects that may occur are fever and shivering. However, it rarely happens. If you experience with this after consuming beet juice then immediately stopped. If the problem continues to contact your doctor immediately.

However, the actual benefits of beet juice are cleaning up toxins in the body so that sometimes appear fever effect temporarily. One theory suggests that cell-SLE which could either release the waste stored. So if you happen to many cells, then one will experience a mild fever, chills. If these symptoms persist after stopping drinking beet juice, then there could be signs of other health problems, and you should contact your doctor.

To balance the condition of the body and avoid the symptoms of side effects of beet juice, you can add other veggies in beet juice. This way you get the benefits of beet fixed, and side effects are also avoided.

Beet juice is a relaxing drink for waste in the body, other than that beet juice is also beneficial for preventing cancer. They usually drink beet juice to get cancer-fighting ability, issuing body waste, and as the alkaline diet.

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Beet juice contains antioxidants, folate, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, iron, minerals, and vitamins. Beetroot is also rich in the fiber, and low in calories. It becomes an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight.