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Healthy foods for eating and nutritious foods. This is a category for all kind of healthy food that should consume
effects of food additives

Harmful Effects of Food Additives on Health

Effects of food additives - Do you think that foods such as vegetables and fruits that you eat every day is good for health....
Healthy foods for kids

10 Best and Healthy Foods for Kids

10 healthy foods for Kids - Snacks for children should be considered by parents because children's meals are also influential for their development and...
Does peanut butter cause constipation

Does Peanut Butter Make You Constipated

Peanut butter is one of the popular foods in America. It is made from a mixture of peanuts with baked beans. Does peanut butter...
Foods to Cope with Stress

7 Foods to Cope with Stress and Keep you Healthy

7 foods to cope with stress. Now the time to look back in your favorite foods, if the food is healthy or not. The...

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