fermented foods health benefits

Fermented foods health benefits – Maybe some of you do not like the food fermentation, but know that fermented foods provide not only good taste but also save much health benefits. Fermentation makes not only foods durable and long lasting but also give a flavor of its own.

Do you know what it is fermentation? Fermentation is one way to process food by utilizing the naturally occurring bacteria that eat starch and sugar in food to make lactic acid, vitamin B complex, Omega 3 fatty acids, and probiotics.

Some of the foods that are the result of fermentation is like pickles, yogurt, kimchi, tempeh, cheese, milk and butter.

The Fermented Foods Health Benefits

Fermented foods are also believed to be more easily digested by the body and maintain the value of the nutrients contained therein. Not only that, various health benefits can you feel if you eat some fermented foods, below are some fermented foods health benefits:

1. Relieve stomach pain
Pain or discomfort in the stomach can be relieved by eating fermented foods because it can regulate the production of stomach acid. Currently less produces digestive fluids; then these fermented foods help to increase it.