celery health benefits

Celery Health Benefits – Celery plants included in a small plant, it can grow up to 16 inches from the ground. Usually, celery leaves useful as a seasoning food, especially in making the soup, so this leaves also called soup leaf.

Celery leaves have a slightly salty taste, so the celery is fits combined with sweet fruits when used as juice. In a proportion of celery leaves very salty, depending on its variety.

The content in celery

Celery contains many useful substances and nutrients for the health and beauty, so contain much celery health benefits. Among these are: amino acids, boron, calcium, chlorine, essential fatty acids, folic acid, inositol, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulfur, zinc.

In addition to minerals, there are also very much vitamin content, including: vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Celery Health Benefits for Healing

1. Treat rheumatism
The celery health benefits for rheumatism. How to make a potion cure rheumatism is: Take one handful of leaves and stalks of celery, then cob in 2 cups of water, reserving 1 cup. Once cool, strain and take the water. Drink this mixture 1 cup a day.

2. Dry eye medication
Enough with wash celery, spinach leaves, moringa leaves. Respectively ½ handheld, washes completely clean, then mash all ingredients until smooth, add a tip of a teaspoon of salt, and ¾ cup of the water that has been cooked. Knead this mixture until smooth, then squeeze and strain to take water. Drink the juice of this herb three times a day.

3. Healing High blood pressure
The next health benefits of celery were as high blood pressure medication. Wash 100 g celery completely up to clean, then mash until smooth. Add 1 cup the water, then squeeze and strain, then cob until boiling. Once cool, drink the potion twice a day, morning and afternoon.

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4. Treat cough
The celery health benefits as a cough medicine. Wash 30 grams of fresh celery, then cut into several pieces, then cob in 3 cups water. Once cool, strain and add a little honey. Drink this mixture twice a day, morning and afternoon.

5. Treating Colic
In addition to treating cough, celery also great as a herb for colic. Take 60 grams of fresh celery, 1 cm of red ginger. Wash these materials and also cut into pieces as needed, then cob with 2 cups of water to half cup. Once cool, strain and add a piece of palm sugar, mix well. Drink this mixture once a day.

6. Nourish hair
Another celery health benefits are for hair. How to make it: Wash celery leaf stalks 7 to 10 until clean, then finely crushed, then rub this collision celery leaves to scalp and hair evenly with a massage lightly. Then, wrap the hair using a towel for about 1 hour. Then rinse your hair with clean water. Do it once a week.

7. Lowering cholesterol
Furthermore, celery leaves have medicinal benefits as lowering blood cholesterol. This is because celery contains much vitamin C. Preferably, in every food we add celery such as frying an egg.

These are some celery health benefits. May useful to all and be an addition information.