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Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm?

Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm? This is a question that often we hear from mouth to mouth without able to be proven scientifically. So, don’t try to swallow sperm if you want to get pregnant.

Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm?

A person will only get pregnant when she performs sexual relations in the vagina. However, sometimes a person thinks that she can get a pregnancy in other ways such as swallowing sperm, even assume that there is more secure to get pregnant.

However, you are still in doubt with your assumption. Next, you make a search in online media and you find an article that says that you can get pregnant by swallowing sperm or with a swim in the pool that have sperm for someone. Well, is this true? Lets see more.

Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm? We have to answer “no”. Scientifically, swallowing sperm will not make you into pregnant. Our throats have no way connected with the reproductive organs, so how can the sperm into the ovum and conception. This is unlikely to happen, but if Allah wills, everything can happen.

In addition, when the sperm enters the stomach, it will be digested by the body and will blend with other foods. Well, here you might be convinced that swallowing sperm does not make you pregnant.

Sperm Exposed while Swimming, Is this Cause Pregnancy?

It’s also the issue that is heard of mouth to mouth. Please note that the sperm in the wild  nature can not survive long. There are sources that say that in air sperm can only survive for a few minutes.

While sperm attached to a dry surface such as cloth, bedding and towels only survive until the dried of semen. While sperm in the water are more able to survive, but it is difficult and even impossible for sperm to be able to find the vagina and the entrance into it.

That durability sperm outside uterus. If the sperm are in the uterus it will survive in long time, can be 3 days or 5 days. So, for those of you who want to get pregnant, you could try to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse with your partner. Remember! you will not get pregnant just by swallowing sperm. This is not supported by man physical.

So, if you hear rumors like that, you do not need to hesitate with the above answer. Woman only get pregnant with sexual intercourse or through sex organs by planting a sperm into the uterus through the injection system or in vitro fertilization. Sperm that lead to pregnancy is the sperm that enter into vaginal canal and swim up to the fallopian tube to fertilization.