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Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn?

Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn

Can diabetics eat popcorn? This is a question that often occurs for those who have diabetes. Popcorn is the most popular and most popular snack on the planet. Some people can not imagine how to watch a movie without a pack of popcorn.

But if someone is diabetic? whether this food is safe for them. The answer is “safe” as long as they eat is not excessive.

Popcorn is a snack rich in fiber and lower glycemic levels compared to other snacks. So, if you like this snack should consume in moderation.

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Nutritional Values ​​of Popcorn

Popcorn includes whole grains as they are made from corn. It is the same carbohydrate source as rice. But before the process, more healthy popcorn consumed. For one serving Light corn contains mostly 80-100 cal. As with all other grains, popcorn is not too bad for diabetics. Unlike other sugary foods that are dangerously consumed by diabetics.

Popcorn Size for Diabetic

Diabetics can consume carbohydrates as much as 15-30 grams per day. The size is approximately 6 cups of popcorn. Usually a bag of popcorn contains 21 grams of carbohydrates. This is a good amount for those who have diabetes.

How to Choose the Right Popcorn

Diabetics must absolutely pay attention to the type of popcorn in the meal. There are many types of popcorn, some are healthy and some are unhealthy. Some popcorn has been added sweeteners or pickles and fats. So, the alternative is to check labels when buying popcorn. Check the labels of trans fat, sodium, and sugar because these three ingredients are very effective for diabetics. Sugar and fat are materials that minimize as much as possible, while Tran fat is ideally not listed on the popcorn label. Maximum daily sodium intake is 150 mg, so on the popcorn label the sodium amount should be less than 150mg, because it’s the daily maximum.

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So, to answer the question “Can Diabetics Eat Popcorn”, note the components before, if you qualify then you can consume popcorn, if not then avoid, because it can be harmful to your health.

Giving Popcorn Flavor

Most popcorn vendors travel around and some people add flavor like salt and butter. This is not good for diabetics, overweight, and those who have problems with high blood pressure. However, people with diabetes can replace using olive oil as a flavor without using butter. Instead of salt, try using fried onions, it will be more crispy and tasty.


People with diabetes can consume popcorn but should be careful and be wary of any additional sugar, fat or gram. Choose a free popcorn from the ingredients. To add flavor to use onion fried onion powder, besides also use pure olive oil. One more thing, consume popcorn should not be much, do in moderation.