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How Many Calories in a Clementine?

by Sarah Syakira

On this ocation, we will see about clementine’s calories. Oranges have several types, some are popular as clementine. It is a type that is not have seed, its shape is more similar to tangerine. Clementine orange itself has several varieties such as Ovales, Montreal and De Nules. De Nules is the largest orange among other varieties in the clementine family.

While the sweetest taste is Montreal. Ovales is the most prominent type of clementine from the sensitive or foul side.

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Basically, clementine is a seedless orange. However, the type of Montreal sometimes has seeds, unlike the types of De Nules and Ovales that have no seeds at all.

So, the number of calories in orange depend to the type or its variety. Here we see how many calories in a clementine based on their respective types.

The Number of Calories in a Clementine

1. Montreal Clementine

In the amount of 74 grams serving size contains calories as much as 35 cal. This variety usually harvests in October. This orange is popular with seed within.

2. De Nules Clementine

For 74 grams size contains 35 calories. This orange is ripe in November and can still be bought in winter.

3. Ovales Clementine

In 74 grams serving size contains 35 calories. Ovales is a sensitive and quickly damaged orange, slightly larger in size than De Nules

Clementine Nutrition Information

Clementine is an orange rich in dietary fiber, low in calories and a source of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, folate and calcium. The fruit is low in fat, free from saturated fat and good enough for a diet to lose weight.
a clemntine low calories
Although free in saturated fat, low in fat and sodium, you still have to limit clementine eating because of high sugar. Well, in addition to knowing the calories in clementine, we must know what are the health benefits of this non-seed orange.

Health Benefits of Clementine

Consuming clementine or tangerine is good for immune because it is high in vitamin C. In addition, vitamins are also involve in the body’s defense against cancer.

While the calcium content provides bone health benefits. Thus, clementine is good to consumed by those who are at risk for bone fragility.

Potassium is an important compound to stabilize blood and its pressure so that the body functions remain healthy. In addition to potassium, tangerine oranges are also rich in potassium, these compounds are useful against things relate to muscle contraction.

So, calories in clementine are basically very low, but clementine-based products can contain more calories because the producer have been added some sugar.

High dietary fiber is one of the advantages in clementine orange, It can help your diet program. Based on the above nutrition information, clementine orange is one of the best fruits for maintaining weight.

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