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10 Best Ways to Prevent Diabetes

by Sarah Syakira

10 ways to prevent diabetes – Diabetes has become a disease that is very scary in the life of mankind today. Diabetes even as dangerous as heart disease or stroke. Although much has been done about prevention of diabetes, but the disease is increasingly seems to be expanding. Thus, awareness of health is very important for everyone. Instant-paced life today to change one’s lifestyle, especially with regard to a person’s diet.

So, for those of you who want to maintain healthy and away from diabetes, you should always carry out preventive measures against this disease. There are many things that need to be done. Here we see the best way to prevent diabetes.

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10 Ways to Prevent Diabetes

1. Check your blood sugar levels regularly

Consuming foods without regard to nutrition is very dangerous. Many people are not aware that blood sugar levels continue to rise. So, you need to check blood sugar levels so that you know about the development of the health of your blood. If your blood shows signs of diabetes, then you can immediately take steps medication, changes the lifestyle or by taking certain medications as recommended by your doctor.

2. Changing lifestyles

Changing poor lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is very important. However, for someone who has long been immersed in a bad lifestyle might change it a bit difficult. But you have to be brave and consistent to try a change in your life. Small changes that you do can cause large changes in your health. Thus, changing lifestyle is the best way to prevent diabetes today.

3. Eat healthy foods

Healthy foods are low-calorie foods, and more importantly, is low in saturated fat. These foods can cause the growth of fat in the body that are not good for your blood. Research shows that daily fat intake should not exceed 30% of the caloric intake.

Great food consumed is a natural food or organic food, either in the form of fruits or vegetables. See List of healthy fruits in the world

4. Reduce the portion size of your meals

Consuming a healthy diet should also not be exaggerated. So, things that must be considered is reducing the portion of food that you usually eat a lot every day. Reducing food means reducing the risk of diabetes. Keeping feeding time is very important, and this relates to your success in reducing food portion. If you eat out often too late then you will definitely eat in excessive amounts. It will be a big influence on the rise in blood sugar levels.

5. Exercise

Exercise is good for health, including to prevent diabetes. An active body will burn more fat in the body. While the body is lack of exercise will be a pile of fat and calories, eventually turns into obesity and diabetes.

Sports not only keep you from diabetes, but make your body more fit and energetic. See health benefits of exercise

6. Quit smoking

Smokers have twice the risk of developing diabetes compared with those who do not smoke. So, change your lifestyle including changing smoking habits. If you start to live healthily without eliminating cigarettes, it does nothing for your health. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle and stay away cigarettes from your life. See some ways to stop smoking.

7. Avoid alcohol

If you include a heavy drinker, you have to be careful with your health because of the risk of diabetes is greater in you. To prevent diabetes, you should also stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol is forbidden drinks that can cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly. It can turn into diabetes unknowingly.

8. Manage Stress

One of ways to prevent diabetes is managing stress. Stress is a lifestyle that will send you into a life filled with disease. Stress can cause a person to follow unhealthy living habits. Stress hormones work to convert glucose in the blood into diabetes directly. Things you should do is get rid of stress, meditation, yoga and listening to music are some of the best ways to reduce stress levels.

9. Check with regular health

The next thing to do to prevent diabetes is regular health checks. Lifestyle largely determines your health, because a person is not always able to maintain a good lifestyle, then someone needs to check out the health regularly. These checks provide some information to you early on. If your blood sugar rises, then you can consume foods recommended by your doctor. That is the importance of health check every time.

10 Sleep well

Sleep should not be underestimated. Lack of sleep can make you feel a lot of diseases. Desirable sleep for 7-8 hours every night. Good sleep not only in terms of how long the time, but also to be in view of how qualified it is.

Sleep time also not beneficial to health if they do not sleep soundly. So make sure that you can sleep soundly. Someone getting enough sleep, he will have good health, even in next day he felt fresh and fit.

These are some ways to prevent diabetes in our life. Lets give attention to them, so we can easily in preventing this diseases on the life.

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