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Benefits of Sleeping on The Floor

by Sarah Syakira

Benefits of Sleeping on The Floor – Many people ask whether sleeping on the floor can cause pain or vice versa. In addition, some questions about where to sleep healthy? Whether on a mat, on the floor or on a plush mattress. Actually, a good sleep is on the floor, but not on cement or ceramics because this is not good for health.

It sounds strange, but sleeping on the floor does provide some advantages for us. In this short post we will explain some benefits that gained from sleeping on the floor.

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Health Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor

1. Improve the body and bone alignment

In fact, sleeping on the floor have unexpected benefits. When sleeps on the floor, then our bodies will be aligned and straight from head to foot, this will increase the harmony. This benefit will be felt if you do not use a pillow.

2. Reduce shoulder pain

Do you often feel pain in the shoulder when you wake up in the morning? Sleeping on the floor is able to reduce the shoulder pain you feel. Instead, to feel this, try to sleep for 3 consecutive nights of the week.

3. Prevent back pain

When we sleep on the floor with a thin mat, back flat on the floor, it straightens the spine and reduces even the pain in the lower back.

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4. Smooth blood flow

Furthermore, the health benefits of sleeping on the floor is good for blood health. Blood will flow smoothly and keep the body healthy. Bloodiness will be a cause for various diseases, for that try occasionally to sleep on the floor.

5. Eliminate uneasiness

Anxiety and sadness that affects one’s psychological affects sleep and health. By sleeping on the floor you will get better sleep and reduce your anxiety that causes you to not sleep.

6. Prevent insomnia

It is an insomnia that occurs as a result of psychological turmoil. Sleeping on the floor by taking a comfortable position can reduce insomnia. Thus the results of research conducted by health experts.

7. Prevent spinal pain

The health benefits of sleeping on the floor also prevent spine pain. Because the backbone will adjust to the floor (straight). So, the benefit is to prevent pain in the spine.

8. Comfortable and relaxing

Another benefit of sleeping on the floor is provide a sense of relaxation and comfort. If you sleep on a mattress, especially soft mattresses, then your body will adjust to the shape of the mattress (bone can be bent). But sleeping on a base (thin mat) really gives comfort to you.

9. Gaining serenity

Sleeping on the floor makes you unite with nature and you find more peace. When awake also get a sense of peace.

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If you want to practice sleeping on the floor, there are some points you should pay attention to. Here we look:

– If you are just trying it for the first time, it will be difficult for you. For the early stages, sleep on a thin mat or a thin mattress like a yoga mattress. Free your body shape wherever you like.

– Use a blanket to cover the body, it is necessary, even if you sleep on natural ceramics made of hard wood.

– Wear a pajamas to cover your body, if your blanket is open, you are still using pajamas. It will help you from the cold temperature of the floor. If necessary, also use socks.

– Make your body position as comfortable as possible, if you usually sleep with a bear hug (bear cushion), just do it in the floor. Bring any equipment that can make you comfortable while sleeping. However, do not put a pillow or anything under your back.

– Keep a bottle of water on the edge of your bed. This is very important even when you are sleeping on spring-bad. You can easily hydrate the body in the middle night or when thirsty.

– As a beginner, you can use one pillow to support your head. However, if you already familiar, you can remove the pillow and sleep on the floor with a sticky back on the floor.

Thus are some of health benefits of sleeping on the floor. Many people think this is not good for health, but if done correctly, all this will affect health especially the health of the spine. Are you ready to get rid of spring-bad and start sleeping on the floor?

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