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Benefits of Oolong Tea to Combat Obesity

by Sarah Syakira

Today we will talk about the Benefits of Oolong tea to combat obesity – Obesity is a fear disease to many people, especially women. Besides destroying the appearance, obesity can also be a nest of dangerous diseases.

Obesity is an associate disease with growth, where the patient’s body mass is overweight of standard. Obesity can reduce the quality of life because it can trigger a variety of other diseases for sufferers, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, and others.

Many obese people were trying to lose weight by preventing or avoiding certain foods. This is true, but there are types of drinks that can combat obesity, namely Oolong tea. In this post, we will present the Benefits of oolong tea to fight obesity.

Benefits of Oolong tea to combat obesity

Maybe you’ve heard of black tea, green tea, but what about oolong tea, what exactly is it? Green tea, black tea, and oolong tea have long been known in the world; the drink is often associated with benefits in losing weight and preventing obesity. However, among the three types of tea, traditional oolong tea (tea come from China) known to have anti-obesity and prevent hyperlipidemia.

Hyperlipidemia is a condition characterized by decreased levels of fat in the blood. How about, already know what oolong tea? Oolong tea benefits for health was very remarkable.

About the benefits of oolong tea to combat obesity has been much research done. The study says that 70% of obese test subjects, showed a decrease in body weight by 1 kg, while as many as 22% experienced a weight loss of more than 3 kg. Also, subcutaneous fat content also decreased by 12% in women. Results of research and trials are more visible and meaningful in women than men.

The results also stated that oolong tea prevents hyperlipidemia with the content of catechins. Catechins can reduce the fat content in the body by increasing the metabolism of fat. Consumption of oolong tea regularly may help prevent obesity.

Treating obesity is not need to do a strict diet that sometimes even make yourself miserable. If there is an easier way why not to try? Start with a simple but regularly, because it sometimes actually provides better results. So, do not hesitate to try Oolong tea consumption as your anti-obesity therapy.

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