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10 Health Benefits of Lobster

by Sarah Syakira

10 Health Benefits of lobster – One of tempting seafood is lobster. Lobster or giant shrimp is very attractive for a meal, especially lobster cooked in favorites menu.

The lobster menu is a favorite menu in any seafood restaurant. Because lobster is very savory and soft compared to other shrimp. Behind this delicious food contained some health benefits of lobster that may make the body more powerful, one of them is lobster meat that content high enough of protein. Even so, in fact, there are many other health benefits of lobster that can we get.

Nutrient Content in Lobster

Lobster is renowned for seafood cuisine that high in protein. In one cup of lobster meat, and cooked in stir-fry, it will find 129 calories. Quite a lot is not it? However, it is also balanced with a protein produced, which amounted to 28 grams. In fact, this number reaches 16% of the recommendations a 2000 calorie diet.

The content of lobster meat is not only just that. However, also carbohydrates, fiber, as well as some vitamins are good for the body. One is vitamin B, niacin, B6, and also B12. There are also vitamins E, A and vitamin C that have fewer levels than a collection of vitamin B.

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Minerals present in the lobster is also quite a lot, among them is phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc that are the most dominating. There are other vitamins contained in the lobster, but the levels are minuscule.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lobster

1. High Protein Source

Although the food is included in the category of “be careful with obesity”, but that does not mean should not eat them. For who would have thought, the health benefits of lobster that rich in animal protein. Highly recommended for children who are still in the growth stage.

2. Good for formation of new cell

The health benefits of lobster for a formation of new cells. So, eating lobster is needed. Because able to assist in the formation of new cells and replace damaged cells. That way, your body system is running smoothly.

3. Prevent Kwashiorkor Disease

Lobster Benefits are also magnificent to treat diseases associated with malnutrition, one of them is a kwashiorkor disease. Usually marked by shrinking the stomach, and then arms and legs become emaciated. This can happen due to lack of nutrition, especially protein nutrition. So, patients with kwashiorkor are suggested to eat these foods.

4. Good for Development of Brain Cells

Health benefits of lobster for the brain. These benefits can be obtained from eating lobster because it can stimulate the growth of brain cells. Protein, especially from the sea, further support the substance content of omega 3. These substances are very active in the formation of brain cells, which can drive to work optimally. Recent research shows, children who consume omega 3 have sharper memories.

5. Fast overcome bruising

Furthermore, the health benefits of lobster to overcome bruising. When we fall, a bruise is an event that we can not avoid. Some people when injured, there is speedy in recovery, there is also in the long time. One way to overcome the bruises is by eating lobster. Because the content of protein was able to help the body to repair damaged cells due to bruising.

6. Sources of reserves energy

Eating lobster certainly make full, in lobster contained enough calories to make us full. Moreover, the protein in it is also very much. If the protein content not in use, it will be stored in the form of energy in the body.

7. Content of Essential Amino Acids

Health benefits of lobster thank to rich content of essential amino acids. In lobsters are also full in essential amino acids. Where, these amino acids can not be produced by our bodies. So that, to fulfill it we mus eat the foods. For example from foods that contain the essential amino acids.

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8. Fast curing inflammation

The other health benefits of lobster is found in amazing content in the lobster meat, namely the presence of omega-6 (arachidonic acid or AA) and omega 3 (eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA and dokosaheksanoat acid or DHA). The content is very active and healthy for producing prostaglandins.

9. Prevent and Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Not only that, the health benefits of lobster that you get from omega-6 is capable of reducing the risk of stroke. Because in the presence of omega 6, the flexibility of blood vessel walls more awake. Consequently, the possibility and the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease also declined.

10. Smooth the Skin

Lobster is also great for skin health and beauty. Because there is the content of vitamin E and vitamin A that works actively to help keep your skin rejuvenation to keep it smooth and soft.

That is a myriad of health benefits of lobster. Indeed, the price of lobster is very expensive, but if you have enough money, you can try the dishes occasionally.

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