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10 Beets Health Benefits (no. 5 Shocking You)

beets health benefits

Beets health benefits – Its a vegetable that is still classified as a group of spinach or chard. The beets have a bitter taste, but the bitter taste is very beneficial for health. Bits are usually consumed in a way made juice.

Beet is an exquisite kind of crops in developing blood cells. For those who are affected by diseases such as dengue, you are advised to consume Bits that body back stronger and enough red blood cells. Betacyanin is phytochemicals in bits that deliver rich ‘amethyst’ color that significantly reduces homocysteine levels.

What are Beetroot?

Beets, better known as beetroots, belongs to the Chenopodiaceous family. This plant has long been cultivated, it is has been knowing about 4000 ago in the Mediterranean region, then spread to Babylonia. While the development until China began in the 9th century AD. These thick red beads or tubers have long been linked to amazing benefits for sexual health.

How to consume beetroots can be diverse, as salads, pickles or soups. Another benefit is as a natural dye on various foods.

Beets Nutrition Value

The beetroot benefits are colossal, because there are many vitamins contained therein. Among these are vitamins A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, B6 and C. The iron in a bit higher than the iron in spinach. The bit is also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

Sweet beet is also good for health, it is just a lower level of minerals. Beets are also an important source barfi choline, folate, iodine, manganese, organic sodium, potassium, fiber and carbohydrates in the form of naturally digestible sugars.

In beets, iron content has high quality, so it is great to produce red blood cells. Thus, the beets is a healthy food that is very active in combating a variety of toxins in the body, primarily a disease caused by a dirty environment.

10 Health Benefits of Beets

Beets are healthy tubers to various types of diseases. However, only a few people who want to consume, bitter taste may make people dislike, but beets have a complete nutritional content. Here are some health benefits of beets.

1. Maintain heart health

One of the beets health benefits is preventing heart disease. These healthy foods contain lots of fiber that is good for lowering bad cholesterol or LDL levels. In addition, eating beets can lower the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease so it can inhibit stroke, heart attacks, ahterosclerosis, and various other harmful symptoms.

2. Treating anemia

Anemia is a symptom of less blood due to iron deficiency. Beets contain folic acid and iron in large quantities. Iron is good for producing red blood cells and hemoglobin. So, eat beets regularly well to replace damaged blood cells.

In addition, fruit beets also help the absorption of iron because it also contains a number of vitamin C. That is, by consuming beets of iron will be absorbed optimally by the body.

3. Prevent cancer

Beetroot contains pigment betacyaninis, the benefits for health is very unusual of them is inhibit the growth of cancer cells. So, eat beets good to prevent skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

4. Blood pressure

The health benefits of beets for lowering blood pressure. All nutrition values in beets are enough to lowered blood pressure. Both low blood pressure or high blood pressure also can be stabilize by eating this full fiber foods.

5. Constipation

Beside that, this root vegetable contain dietary fiber, so its great to prevent constipation. Cellulose content in beets helps relieve bowel problems, even overcome chronic constipation and help you in weight loss if regularly consumed beets juice.

When consuming meat, the nitrate content in the flesh is brought into the body and stimulates the formation of nitrosamine compounds that cause cancer cells to occur. However, consuming beets juice on a regular basis can prevent cell mutations. While a researcher from Hungary found that diligently consume beet juice in powder form can prevent cancer tumor.

6. Eliminates dandruff

Dandruff that appears on the head, can also be solved with beets eating. You could mixture beets juice with a little vinegar, then gently massage the scalp. Let stand for one hour, and rinse with clean water.

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7. Prevent Strokes

Beets juice contains a lot of potassium that is useful to prevent stroke. Potassium is useful for stabilizing blood pressure, it relaxes blood vessels so that no high blood pressure and stroke occur.

The method of lowering high blood pressure is done gradually so as not to harm you at low blood pressure. Beets extract continues to work for 24 hours lowering and stabilizing blood pressure.

8. Gastric ulcer

Health benefit beets also good for healing ulcers. Drinking beets juice can treat ulcers. Mix a little honey and drink 3-4 times a week. Drinking when your stomach is empty for getting vitamins and minerals optimally.

9. Varicose veins

According to research, diligent consume beets juice also useful for preventing varicose veins.

10. Macular Degeneration

In addition to antioxidants, beets also rich in beta-carotene which is useful for slowing down macular degeneration processes. Macular degeneration is also associated with high free radicals in the body that cause premature aging.

Beta carotene has antioxidant ability so that it can maintain eye health from damage and can prevent premature aging.