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10 Amazing Benefits of Aquafitness

by Sarah Syakira

Aquafitness is the latest workouts that is now becoming trend for most women and men. Similarly to women’s kickboxing that is being favored by many women. Aqua-fitness often likened to water aerobics, the exercises are in shallow water. Usually they do this exercise in a swimming pool with a depth up to adult waist. Aqua fitness do with the duration from 45 minutes and some even up to 1 hour.

Aquafitness also forces participants to use all the muscles for movement in the water with hard. So, all the muscles will work, including the waist, knees, ankles, and others. So what are the benefits of exercise Aquafitness, continue reading the following article.

Health Benefits of Aquafitness

1. Accelerating blood flow

One of the benefits of Aqua-fitness exercise is blood flow. We know that the water has a density up to 800 times compared with the air. So, moving in water is very hard because the water pressure on body. We needs plenty of power to balance the body. This exercise will expedite the flow of blood and one of the sports that are popular among women.

2. Strengthening the heart

Aqua fitness benefits workouts benefits are also important for the heart. When your blood circulation is good, you will get enormous health benefits for the heart and muscles. Aquafitness include one of sports that can lower blood pressure and makes the heart remains stable.

3. Aqua-fitness helpful for muscle formation

Furthermore, the benefits Aqua fitness is to build muscle. Pushes and pulls are done in the water can leave a contraction in the muscles but it is safe to do. Aqua fitness workout routine in the water will give muscle building unnoticed.

In addition, exercise in water or Water Aerobics Aquafitness can lose the weight. The average water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, this will force the body to burn calories in stable condition.

4. Overcoming various diseases

Aqua fitness could also be an alternative to overcome the various complaints of health, especially for those who are elderly. This sport safely performed by anyone because in pool. Cold water conditions will change the temperature of the heat in the body.

Aquafitness workout place to cope with arthritis, osteoporosis, weak joints, and others. A Brazilian study revealed that older people who exercise in the water can increase muscle endurance and quality of better health.

5. Good for fitness measure

Exercise in water can provide tremendous benefits to health. Your coach will provide guidance to you in every movement so you do not difficult to do this sport. The more often you do the water aerobics or aquafitness the more your heart health will get better.

6. Maintaining the balance

Aqua fitness exercise is also beneficial to provide a balance for the whole body muscles. Various movements in the water will put pressure on the water. Leg movement will push the water down, as did the rest of other moves. All will be maintained by the water and that the movement has always been stable under the pressure of the water.

The water pressure will make you difficult to move freely, here you need a lot of energy to be able to balance the body. This is your chance to improve balance and burn more calories.

Aqua Aerobics Benefits

Top Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

Besides Aqua Fitness, there more water exercise now become a trend among us. It is Aqua aerobics. This exercise is also known as waterobics.

Water Aerobic exercise will provide a different experience for you with just a few training sessions. Here we look at some of the benefits of Aqua Aerobic.

  • This exercise will reduce stress on the joints and muscles
  • Exercises under water can awaken the power of the body. It also provides muscle contraction due to water pressure.
  • Water Aerobics beneficial for reducing heart tension by moving blood throughout the body.
  • Exercise in water to prevent overheating, this can make the longer exercise time for you to prevent sweating.
  • Sports water aerobics fun because it is unique and we’ve never done before.


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