health benefits of water spinach

9 Health Benefits of Water Spinach – Swamp Cabbage or water spinach is a healthy vegetable that is known all over the world. Water spinach usually growth in the tropics, and subtropics. This vegetable planting medium is an aqueous or moist soil. Different regions also have the different name for this plant. For example in Indonesia and Vietnam called “Kangkung”, Kangkong (Thailand), Kankun, Water spinach (UK), Weng Cai (China), Water morning glory, River spinach, Water Convolvulus, Swamp cabbage, Chinese spinach and others.

Water spinach usually cooked as delicious and spicy foods, these foods often found in various restaurants in Indonesia, Malaysia and even Vietnam. This spinach that has Latin name Ipomoea Aquatica is very easily to cultivated, so the price is very cheap in market. Water spinach vegetables include the choice foods for many people, in addition to its delicious taste, it also contains many nutrients that need by the body.

Among the content of water spinach is vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, fiber, selenium, amino acids, and calcium. With many nutrients such, Water spinach has enormous health benefits. Here are some health benefits of water spinach.

10 Health Benefits of Water Spinach

1. Overcoming insomnia

The health benefits of water spinach for preventing insomnia. Note that water spinach contains sedatives elements, it mean that water spinach can make people sleepy and make it able to sleep soundly. This is due to selenium and zinc that contained therein can make nerve loose and relaxed.

2. Prevent constipation, Anti-Poison

Water spinach is vegetables that have detoxifying properties, making it useful to relieve ulcer pain, to skin care. In addition, water spinach can also relieve constipation because it contains high levels of fiber.

3. Contain iron

The health benefits of water spinach as a source of iron. Consuming water spinach is like consuming spinach because the iron content in these vegetables is very much. Water spinach provides approximately 2.5 mg iron per 100 grams, so it is good to increase hemoglobin and prevents anemia.

4. Anti-diabetes Mellitus

Its also good for diabetes. Water spinach is good for people with blood sugar because the substances in water spinach can absorb the excess blood sugar.

5. Increasing immunity

Water spinach was very rich in vitamins C; it mean that health benefits of water spinach are very large for immunity. So, water spinach can be a deterrent against influenza. Even said, that the content of vitamin C in spinach are more than the vitamins in fruits.

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6. Maintain healthy vision

In addition to vitamin C, water spinach is also very high in vitamin A, vitamin A is important for eye nutrition. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that is useful to counteract free radical attack on the cornea of eye. To avoid eye damage symptoms, you should consume vitamin A in huge number, including vitamin A in water spinach

7. Anti intestinal parasites

The health benefits of water spinach to eradicate parasites in the gut. Who consumed raw water spinach can issue Fasciolopsis buski, the parasitic worms in the gut of humans and animals that can cause fasciolopsiasis.

8. Pregnant women

For pregnant women, water spinach vegetables including good vegetables for them. In India, This leafy vegetable becomes important one for pregnant women in treating diabetes.

9. The benefits of water spinach to liver

According to the study, water spinach says could prevent liver damage. This is attributed to the effect of chemical compounds in spinach that contribute to the modulation of detoxification enzymes and antioxidants as well as the effects of free radicals.

These are nine health benefits of water spinach you should know. Water Spinach Vegetable is very easy to get, and the price is very cheap. Vegetables should make kale as important to your family. You should make Water spinach as a family favorite vegetable.