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7 Health Benefits of Running, Jogging

by Sarah Syakira

Health Benefits of Running – Sport is important to maintain a healthy body. One of very simple exercise is running, either in the morning or in the afternoon. Running is very easy to do, can anytime or anywhere. You do not have to run up to hundreds of kilometers or running in the football stadium.

Running sports, you can do at home in surrounds the house, or around the rice fields in your village. In addition to easy, the health benefits of running are also very significant for health. Here we quote some of the health benefits of running.

7 Health Benefits of Running

1. Good for your knee health
Running every day will make your body always moving and getting a good muscle flexing, this is will eliminate the risk for rheumatic pain, and arthritis that you suffer. Joints and muscles will always be lubricated when running. So, it is becomes a significant effort to improve the fitness of the body, especially the knees.

2. Good for heart
Health benefits of running for heart health. Running will make you breathe deeply and makes the heart work up in the blood pumping. Of course this is good for your blood circulation. Regular exercise is highly recommended for the healthy body.

3. Decrease Weight
The health benefits of running for weight control. Running sports beneficial to cut more weight, thus creating weight loss in large numbers. This is the cardio workout that can burn calories and also help speed up the metabolism.

4. Reduce stress
Running will give you a sense of freedom and can take you to different places. So, why running outdoors is seen as one of the anti-depressants.

5. Reduce the Risk of Disease
The track will minimize the risk for various diseases. People that many moves will have a smooth blood circulation and a healthy body. Illnesses such as cancer, obesity, and asthma usually can be prevented by regular exercise.

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6. Increase Stamina
The health benefits of running to maintain stamina. Running can improve lung power. Well, when running, lungs inflate and work harder. It will make you breathe better and improve strength.

7. Improve Concentration
When running, you concentrate on the road previously bypassed. This makes a lot of runners believe that running is same as meditation. Because it can increase the concentration of the mind.

Here’re seven health benefits of running, preferably those of you who are overweight, you are doing sports running in daytime or evening. While, for those of you who need to increase body mass, then the morning is a time that suits you.

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