5 Home Remedy for Skin Whitening – Can the skin be laundered and handled more luminous? This is a question that often exist in the minds of women.

Many women who whiten the skin using cosmetic chemical ingredients, Because this cosmetic ingredient on their mind can whiten the skin in a short time. Wait! you have to be careful with various brands of cosmetics because many cosmetics that contain chemicals in large doses affected in fade your beauty.

Avoid using chemicals to whiten the skin and brighten your skin. To get white skin should use natural ingredients that available at home. The home remedy could be the best alternative to whitening your skin. Below are any home remedy to whiten the skin and make it glow.

Home remedy for Skin whitening Naturally

1. Orange peel and yogurt

Orange peel

This is a natural and traditional materials for whitening the skin.

Take an orange peel and put under the sun to dry and crisp, and the orange skin moisture disappears.

How to:

  • Minced orange peel that has dried into a powder than take one tablespoon of orange peel powder, and mix with a tablespoon of yogurt without flavor, mix it until become pasta.
  • Then, apply this mixture on the skin, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water

The mask is excellent for removing skin blemishes and dark spots on the skin. Orange peel powder can also remove blackheads, use by rotating or circular, then the blackheads would disappear.