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5 Health Benefits of Mushrooms

by Sarah Syakira

Health benefits of mushrooms – Mushrooms are incredible food, why? Because, although it belongs to the group of vegetables, the mushroom can give tremendous health benefits as are available in meat, grain, or the nuts. Mushrooms are imperative for health. All kinds of mushrooms, such as portobello, shitake, up button mushrooms contain many essential nutrients and low in calories

Here are some health benefits of mushrooms that very necessary for health, as taken from

The health benefits of mushrooms

1. Sources of Vitamin D
Mushrooms is a healthy vegetable that gives you vitamin D, is equal to the human body itself that produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight in the morning. Button mushrooms can even provide vitamin D2 and D3. It is the tremendous benefits mushrooms.

2. Enhance immune
Furthermore, the health benefits of mushrooms are as natural ingredients to boost immunity by producing proteins and anti-virus, as well as beneficial to reconstruct the body tissues. Mushrooms are also able to improve the health of dendritic cells in the bone marrow; it helps boost the immune system from microbial attack.

3. The source of antioxidants (selenium)
Mushrooms contain many antioxidants called selenium. This antioxidant beneficial to protect cells from disturbing of the virus.

4. Help you in weight loss
Consuming mushrooms have great benefits. Mushrooms can replace meat function. So, for those of you who are on a diet, you can replace meat with mushrooms. Mushrooms are good in changing body composition, especially waist circumference.

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5. Against Cancer
The health benefits of mushrooms to fight cancer. Mushrooms contain anti-oxidants that able to expel the seeds of cancer in the body. In fact, shitake mushrooms have beneficial to fight tumor cells.

Those are some health benefits of mushrooms. If you want to consume mushrooms, you should buy the mushrooms from trusted provider, because many mushrooms are not safe to eat, especially if you find mushrooms in the wild by yourself.

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