health benefits of beet juice

5 Benefits of beet juice – Beet is a tuber that grows from the roots of beet plants. These plants such as sweet potatoes, where the roots are enlarged and become a tuber. That is the called by beet. Beet according to some sources can not be grown in Indonesia, but this tuber can be found in supermarkets in Indonesia. Benefits of beet for health is immense because the extraordinary nutritional content in this tuber. Among the substance of the beet pieces are vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, fiber, folic acid, phosphorus, coumarin, betacyanin, potassium, tryptophan, iron, copper and many more nutritional content in beet. Beet beneficial to heart health, increase stamina, anemia, keeping the digestive and kidney. The fruit can be eaten directly or made juices, but the taste is very bitter.

Benefits of beet can also be obtained by making a beet juice. The super content of beet can overcome various health problems, either by eating or made juice. Therefore, on this occasion I will discuss the benefits of beet juice.

Benefits of beet juice for health

Here are some benefits of beet juice, such as:

1. Maintaining a healthy heart
Benefits of beet juice for heart health gained much potassium in fruits beet, high blood pressure that can hamper blood circulation to the heart so that it can affect heart health. Besides, the benefits of beet juice can also reduce the concentration of homocysteine because it contains betaine. Homocysteine is a substance that can cause damage to the peripheral blood vessels and stroke so that the fat deposits in the body that block blood flow to the heart can be reduced.

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2. Maintain Stamina
The benefits of beet juice can also maintain stamina every day. For optimal results, drink beet juice every day before the activity, this will prevent fatigue. This occurs because the beet pieces contain nitrates that can reduce oxygen expenditure during the move. Besides, drinking beet juice daily can flow blood in the body.

3. Preventing anemia
Beet juice contains iron that can be efficacious in preventing anemia. This is because iron can reactivate and regenerates red blood cells and oxygen supply that is very beneficial for the health of red blood cells in the body.

4. Prevent Indigestion
Benefits of beet juice to keep digestion. Consuming unhealthy foods can cause health problems in the gastrointestinal such as nausea, diarrhea, and dysentery. However, all that can be overcome by drinking beet juice regularly and orderly because this juice contains natural fiber that can help in dissolving the food and get rid of toxins in the gut.

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5. Maintain the health of the kidneys and bladder
Drinking beet juice every day is beneficial to cleanse the kidneys and gall bladder, so the toxins that accumulate in the organs can be removed easily.

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Here is how to make beet juice

  1. Prepare 1 ripe beet, then peel the tuber and cut into pieces.
  2. Then enter into the blender and add a little boiled water.
  3. Next, add ice cubes to taste, then blend until smooth.
  4. Beet juice ready to drink.