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10 Health Benefits of Sleeping, Important to know

by Sarah Syakira

Health Benefits of Sleeping – Sleeping is the most important activity that should not be missed, someone that lack of sleep can lead to health damage even destroy the body. Enough sleep can lead to you feeling better, reduce stress even beneficial for cardiovascular health, weight loss and improve control.

Enough sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. Someone who getting enough rest will get tremendous health benefits both for internal or external health.

Here are some of health benefits of sleeping, as reported from various sources.

10 Health Benefits of Sleeping

1. Improve Memory

Enough sleep can increase the power of your mind. While not enough of sleeping will disturb your mind. So, we are required to fullest sleep every day. Sleeping is a process to review what you have learned when awake. This process called consolidation.

Someone who want to learns something well, he needs to get enough rest. After sleeping you will capture new lesson better than those who did not sleep.

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2. Preventing inflammation

Inflammation is a serious problem of a person’s health. It is often associated with heart disease, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, and even premature aging.

Research shows that a person’s sleep-deprived experience blood sugar levels tend higher than those who get enough sleep. Even the inflammation protein can occur in those who lack of rest.

The research conducted in 2010 found that people sleeping less than 6 hours a night experience a higher risk of heart attack. So, sleep Apnea patients have highest high blood pressure and inflammation.

3. Stimulate creativity

Furthermore, the health benefits of sleeping is a spur creativity. So, for those of you who want to do things pertaining to creativity such as writing, drawing, etc. should be done after sufficient rest.

What you see before going to sleep and what you learn will be re-organize and composed during sleep. It is keep your creativity and allow you to write your ideas in the paper or canvas. So, do not underestimate the health benefits of sleeping for your body.

4. Longer life?

Sleep should be enough, as excess sleep and lack of sleep can lead to shorter your lifespan. It may not be obvious why, but sleep too long or not enough will affect your overall health.

In addition, sleep can also affect a person’s quality of life. The conclusion was that “If we sleep well, we will live better”.

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5. Be a winner

Enough sleep is also affecting up on your winnings. An athlete who wants to win would have to maintain the vitality and health. One of the best ways that very supportive was enough sleep.

A study conducted at Stanford University reported that the football players whom get enough sleep at least 10 hours every night (for 7-8 weeks) were able to reduce fatigue and increase their stamina.

It also applies to other sports such as tennis, swimming and others.

6. Increase the value test

The next health benefits of sleeping is able to increase test scores in school children. Children aged 10-16 years old who have sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea, Snoring and other sleep disorders have difficulty in learning and concentration.

Based on research that publish in the “Journal of Sleep” shown that sleep disorders in school age children have resulted in functional impairment of the school.

While other studies have shown that students who are not quite sleeping have worse grades than those who get enough sleep.

7. Lower stress

Adequate and quality sleep can decrease stress levels. It is also able to control their blood pressure and also relates to the level of cholesterol in the blood.

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Stress associated with heart health, as well as sleep deprivation. So, enough sleep to maintain a healthy heart and can reduce stress.

8. Avoid accidents

Data reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that the number of accidents due to fatigue and lack of sleep more than any other issue even drink alcohol.

Most people underestimate sleep, even consider that they are still healthy without sleep all night. Whereas health effects and other negative effects caused by lack of sleep is very large.

9. Maintain your weight loss

If you want to go on a diet, then you should plan your time to sleep early, because a diet without keeping the rest period is not at all useful for you.

A diet that is not balanced with sufficient sleep time will also quickly feel hungry so that you fail to lose weight.

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Dr. Rapoport said that the body’s metabolism and sleep controlled by same sector by the brain. When someone is sleepy, then the rise of certain hormones into your blood and hormones that encourage appetite.

10. Sharpen attention

Furthermore, the health benefits of sleeping for health is to increase alertness and vigilance. It also relates to the level of control or concentration. Adequate sleep is essential to maintain alertness and concentration.

Those are some health benefits of sleeping that should known. Hopefully useful, do not forget to share with friends if this is considered helpful.

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