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10 Foods That Help Prevent Obesity

drinking fresh fruit juice

10 foods that help prevent obesity. Obesity is an overweight disease due to does not maintain a healthy diet. Obesity can happen to anyone, specially you who work at night. Less attention to the food and not getting enough rest makes you vulnerable to a fast food meal. It is one of the obesity triggers for night shift worker.

There is some research that states that those who work at night are fatter than those who work during the day. It is due to dietary factors as described above.

In addition, factors that lead to obesity for night workers are due to mental INVESTMENTS. According to the nature laws, human are structured to work during the day and rest at night. Well, when the rhythm is disrupted, the human body will experience stress and leads to obesity.

In addition to obesity, night shift workers are also potentially experiencing some other diseases like stress, insomnia and heart health problems.

So, how to maintain health for night workers. For workers at night, the only thing that is important to do to maintain health is to keep eating and eating certain foods. Here there are 10 types of foods that are healthy and good for consumption by night shift workers.

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1. Brown rice

Brown rice for prevent obesity

Brown rice is the best food in lowering blood sugar and body weight. Brown rice contains a lot of iron, protein, zinc, magnesium, fiber. Fiber is an important substance for losing fat in the body.

2. Vegetable salads

vegetable salads for preventing obesity

Vegetable salads are usually made of a variety of vegetables such as spinach and carrots. These foods can help you prevent obesity. Food like this is the best choice for those who take the night shift.

3. Fruits

a bowl fruit


Snacking with chips, burgers, junk-foods can lead to obesity. Workers at night should like diet consisting of fruits such as bananas, pizza, apple, papaya and kiwi fruit. It is some kind of good fruit in preventing obesity.

4. Almonds

Almonds for preventing obesity

Almond include healthy foods that you can make in lieu of chips. Almonds are rich grains of various nutrients such as magnesium, fiber, vitamins. extraordinary benefits of this food is as super-food in losing weight.

5. Sprouts

Sprouts for preventing obesity

Sprouts are the vegetables that come from nuts and include foods that are low in calories. Foods rich in the vitamin, calcium and fiber. Sprouts including good healthy food to lose weight, especially for those who choose to work at night.

6. Puffed Rice

puffed rice for preventing obesity

Puffed rice is best rice to lose weight without exercise. The food is free of fat and is able to make you satisfied.

7. Flaxseed


Furthermore, a healthy diet to prevent obesity is flaxseed. These foods are rich in fiber which helps the absorption of fat and fluids in the body. The fiber content also makes feel full longer, thereby reducing the appetite to increase the portion of food.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt for preventing obesity

Low-fat yogurt is the best kind of food for those who work the night. These foods contain many nutrients and low in calories and fat, so good for preventing diabetes. Among the existing nutrient is protein, calcium, potassium, riboflavin and vitamins.

9. Oat and Milk

oatmeal and milk

Night workers are prohibited to consume fatty foods like pizza, burgers. Food is not just fat but high in calories so fast in weight gain. as an alternative, working at night is recommended to consume low-fat milk with wheat. Healthy food is useful for preventing obesity that often haunt the night shift workers.

10. Drink plenty of fruit juice

drinking fresh fruit juice

Furthermore, a healthy diet to prevent obesity is to eat plenty of juices and fluids. It is strictly forbidden to consume beverages such as sodas and canned drinks that contain lots of sugar and soda. Consuming fruit juices are good for health including being able to prevent obesity and keep your body hydrated.