Health Benefits of Watermelon Skin

Health benefits of watermelon skin – All of us are familiar with watermelon, right! Green-skinned fruits such as clothes of soldiers, but contain red flash and white on the inside. This plant is native to Africa but now has been growth through the world specially South Asia. Watermelon has the sweet taste and crisp, it really attraction for all.

Usually, we eat the red flash while the white part close to skin are discarded. In fact, health benefits of this skin are greater than the red flash. So, in this article we want to provide information to people for not only take advantage from the flash but also get the huge health benefits from watermelon skin.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Skin

White watermelon skin contains some nutrients that are essential for everyday needs. In 2.5 x 2.5 watermelon skin contains 1.8 calories that are useful for the body. Additionally, it contains 2% vitamin C and 1% vitamin B6 that needs by the body. Another benefit of the watermelon rind is for skin care, increase immunity, and for the health of the nervous system.

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The Health benefits of watermelon skin primarily derived from the content of citrulline. This content serves a powerful anti-oxidant that are useful to keep the body from free radicals. In addition, citrulline can also be changed by the body into arginine, an amino acid that plays an important role in the circulatory and immune systems. Its also capable of being natural materials in maintaining a healthy heart and impotence. [According to a study published by the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in 2011].

Watermelon Skin Benefits for Beauty

Besides some health benefits that mentioned above, watermelon rind or skin also has great advantage to beautify your face. Acne on the face can be cleaned with a watermelon rind. The way is by smear the inside of the watermelon skin on the face evenly. It is also useful for eliminating the spotty.

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So, get health benefits from watermelon rind or skin, do not just eat the red flash but also use the skin. If you do not want to eat the skin directly, try to eat it along with the red flesh.