super healthy foods for your children

Super Healthy Foods for your children. Nutritious food for children is essential in development and growth. Actually, prepare healthy nutritious meals to children very easily. If your child is difficult to eat, sure the parent be wary of the children’s health, do children get enough nutrition or not. Well, if this is happening in your family, you should read this article, because we’ll have a healthy food for children who make your children like to eat.

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Super Healthy Foods for your Children

1. Flaxseed

Flaxseed meal is full of omega-3, the food needed for brain development in children. To stimulate the children want to eat Flax-seed is by sprinkling over cereals. You can also mix flaxeed into the cake batter into the apple or banana cake cinnamon. By providing flaxeed mixture, then your children will eat them, because they certainly like to eat Apple Upside-Down, or Banana-Cinnamon.

2. Tofu

Furthermore, healthy food for your children is tofu. Tofu is very important to meet the needs of the body’s calcium, protein, vitamin B and iron. But the problems are so many kids who do not like to tofu that presented directly. Then you need an idea to make children like it. One of the tofu foods that kids love is the Blueberry Power Smoothie and Cookies Cream Ice Cream. You can search for recipes and try it for your children.

3. Yogurt

Also, healthy food for your children is yogurt. Yogurt has many versions, choose low-fat yogurt like Greek yogurt. Yogurt is a probiotic food that full with good bacteria. It is will keep the stomach of the child to be healthy and always comfortable.

Preferably for children, you can add a spoonful of honey and a few slices of fresh fruit.

4. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is cheap but the food is included in the list of the most nutritious foods. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A which is very good for the eyes and acts as an antioxidant for the body. The sweet taste of natural sugar and a very bright colors is trigger the children to take it. But when the child gets older, they might refuse to eat potatoes. Well, here you can present the sweet potato in other ways. Bake the sweet potatoes until soft and then lift, crumble it with a fork and enjoy with cinnamon-sugar topping and vanilla yogurt on top.

5. Hummus

Furthermore, healthy food for your children is hummus. Hummus include foods that appeal to kids, but do not tell them that the food is made from beans. But to say that it is a food full of fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. Hummus will look like the perfect meal when combined with garbanzo bean and olive oil.

6. Salmon

Do you think that salmon is a fish to be consumed by adults only? It seems like you have to think again, because the salmon is the only fish with high protein content, especially wild salmon. This protein is needed by children for better growth. In addition to protein, salmon is also a source of omega 3 fatty acids which are useful for the brain development of children.

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To get a sense of the natural fish you can bake or burn with a little seasoning.

7. Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that is healthy for all ages, for kids is very helpful because avocados provide monounsaturated vegetable fats is useful for growth. One way of presenting the avocado to be liked by children is to make juice.

For better taste, you can add a bit of lemon juice and salt. Avocados are excellent food for children, especially in the first years of growth.