health benefits of turmeric in traditional medicine

Health Benefits of Turmeric in traditional medicine. Turmeric is a root crop that has the Latin name Curcuma domestica. Turmeric is widely used in a variety of traditional herbs. The people regularly use turmerics as a food supplement. It is to provide food color, so dishes taste more inviting.

Now turmeric is not only utilized as herbs but has been used in a variety of health products and has been in the patent with various brands. Among the excellent benefits of turmeric is to eliminate gas in the intestines, stop bleeding and prevent blood clots.

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Part turmeric used as a medicine are tubers or rhizomes. The rhizome should be at least one year while the young tubers can not be used as a drug to the fullest.

Health Benefits of Turmeric in Traditional Medicine

Turmeric can process as a medicine to relieve various health problems such as banish the virus, prevent depression, and relieve itching. Here are some health benefits of turmeric in traditional medicine

1. The benefits of turmeric to lower high blood pressure. Here’s how to create a potion:

  • Use 50 grams of Centella Asiatica leaves, 300 cc honey, 3 thumbs fresh turmeric, and 500 cc of water.
  • Chopped the leaves and turmeric into small pieces, then boiled in 500 cc of water until the remaining 150 cc.
  • Wait until cool slightly, then drunk.
  • Perform this traditional medicine regularly, drink 3 times a day (1 tablespoon for a time)

2. The health benefits of turmeric to lower the fever. To eliminate fever can also use turmeric as a medicine. The trick is:

  • Prepare 20 grams fresh turmeric that has grated.
  • Enter the saffron into 100 ml of hot water, stirring gently until dissolved saffron.
  • Enter the turmeric on a clean rag, then make it like the parcel.
  • Squeeze the turmeric until the water out, do not forget disposed above a glass or small container.
  • Drinking this turmeric juice o overcome hot temperatures