health benefits of olive oil on skin

Health benefits of olive oil on the skin – Olive oil is increasingly popular as oil versatile for a broad range of interests of health and beauty. Olive oil is the oil of olives in such manner. The benefits of olive oil very much, one of which is a healthy ingredient for skin. Here we see the benefits of olive oil for the skin.

The health benefits of olive oil on skin

1. Overcoming dry skin and chapped
One of the benefits of olive oil on the skin is as natural ingredients to prevent dryness of the skin or cracked skin. Use olive oil on a regular basis for optimal results.

2. Moisturize skin
The benefits of olive oil on the skin as a natural material to keep moisture on the skin. You can get the advantages of this oil by using it as a natural moisturizer.

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3. Feed your skin
Dry skin and dull skin is a sign that not enough nutrients. The skin also like abdominal, need food to stay healthy. The food for skin is vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin C.

The health benefits of olive oil on the skin can not only be felt by women only but also help to men. For excellence in the use of olive oil, there is one way to do to get healthy skin is desired, such as eliminating existing acne scars on the face area, the following tips:

1. The first way is by mixed the olive oil with tree oil, massage slowly in acne areas on your face, after 20 minutes, wash your face with warm water without using soap, after a face washed, dry face using a dry towel.

2. Next, how to get rid of acne with olive oil is by applying a mixture of baking soda and olive oil, let sit for five minutes after use on the face, then rinse with warm water.

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3. Other practical way is by gently massaging olive oil droplets to face that existing acne scars, facial massage for 5 minutes, thereafter, leave for twenty minutes so that olive oil can be absorbed into the skin, after that wash with warm water.

That is some of health benefits of olive oil on the skin. May be useful, for those of you who have problems with the face skin, use olive oil to cope.