health benefits of kimchi

6 Health Benefits of Kimchi – Ever heard Kimchi? It is one of the healthy food that became an icon of the ginseng country, namely South Korean. Kimchi is a fermented food and consists of a variety of vegetables such as cabbage, garlic and other vegetables that are stored in jars. Not only good in tastes but also the ingredients and condiments as well as making kimchi fermentation process has various health benefits.

6 Health Benefits of Kimchi

Materials and fermentation process as a whole provide enough power to maintain weight loss, abdominal and overall health. And
The following is a list of health benefits of Kimchi Consumption for your Body

1. Superfoods
Kimchi is a portion of food that is low in calories and have more fiber that can make your digestive process faster and easy. Kimchi also efficacious cure many common diseases in your body and this is good for your overall health.

2. Sources of probiotics excellent
Because Kimchi is a fermented food, Kimchi is a magnificent source of probiotics. Probiotics keep your body healthy and help fight all infections. Kimchi also provides vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B, iron, calcium, and selenium. Vitamins and minerals help the blood flow, improve your immune system and muscle growth.

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3. It can help lower your blood pressure
Besides the cabbage, in kimchi also contains garlic; Garlic has allicin and selenium. Allicin and selenium keep cholesterol levels in your body and prevent fatty deposits on artery walls. Because of increased blood flow, cholesterol levels and your blood pressure will decrease. The likelihood of stroke and heart disease will be small when you eat Kimchi.

4. Can be used for weight loss
Health benefits of Kimchi also to lose weight. It is because Kimchi has lactobacillus bacteria which is good; bring down your appetite to reduce your blood sugar levels. Also, a high fiber content will fill your stomach and make you less hungry.

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5. It has antioxidants that protect your body from free radicals
Other ingredients such as ginger, pepper and garlic supports the immune system and prevent you from getting the flu or a cold.

6. Food for against cancer
Health benefits of kimchi for against cancer. Kimchi has antioxidants and flavonoids that help in the fight against cancer, especially stomach cancer. Cabbage has antioxidants and flavonoids together with other vegetables such as cauliflower.

Although the health benefits of kimchi are tremendous, you still should not consume in excess. Kimchi is a portion of food that is useful for lowering blood pressure. But, kimchi also has a lot of salt in it so that you only need to add some complementary foods and not make kimchi as a main meal. Too many fermented foods can also cause gastric cancer. You can eat Kimchi with soup, sandwich or sticky rice. Kimchi is also delicious when eaten along with sushi.