Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olive oil is an ancient herb that has been used as a beauty and health for thousands of years ago. Olive oil is still reliable as an efficacious particular herb. Olive oil that has packaged has a variety of brands and usefulness.

The Olive oil marketed now have various variants such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, extra light olive oil, and the classic olive oil. This oil has different an efficacy and usefulness. On this occasion, tried to present the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

The process of making extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a type of best and quality olive oil among other brands. Extra virgin oil in the process using the stainless steel mill and milled directly within 2×24 hours after harvest.

It is the purest extracts generated from the manufacture of olive oil. After the first extract is taken, then the second juice is milled using hot water and produce a variety of other brands of olive oil such as classic olive oil, extra light olive oil, etc. This juice is certainly not qualified as the first juice.

Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Maintaining a healthy heart

The benefits of pure olive oil for heart health is enormous. Olive oil can reduce and eliminate bad cholesterol in the blood and raise good cholesterol. It will cleanse the blood vessels of the fat so that blood flow will be smooth. When the blood drives smoothly then we will avoid from health problems associated with the heart, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure. Furthermore, pure olive oil is also beneficial for diabetics.

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2. Source of antioxidants

The next health benefits of extra virgin olive oil is as an anti-oxidant source. Olive oil contains many polyphenols which is an active anti-oxidants that very important for health. The content is the same as in apple, green tea, and others. Antioxidants are useful to counteract free radicals as a result of a variety of pollution, such as air pollution, food poisoning, preservative food and others.


3. Overcoming the problem of constipation

Furthermore, olive oil is also useful to solve constipation problems that are often experienced by pregnant women. For those of you who want to use the traditional method of treatment good to consult with your doctor first. Usually to relieve constipation pregnant women consuming 1 tablespoon of olive oil every day.

Besides beneficial for constipation, virgin olive oil is also useful for removing stretchmarks scratches in pregnant stomach.

These are some health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. To get the maximum results be sure for using pure olive oil from the first squeezed that called extra virgin olive oil.