health benefits of banana juice

Health benefits of banana juice – The banana is a fruit that is very easy to find. Bananas can grow well in the tropics. However, bananas can also be cultivated in a subtropical climate. Bananas have a sense of sweet and tasty, excellent to eat directly or making juice. Maybe you never heard about the banana fruit juice, while bananas juice provides many nutrients for the body, primarily to improve stamina.

Bananas have many benefits for good health for children or pregnant women. Consuming a banana can help digestion and increase satiety for longer so that it can restrain appetite.

Some Health Benefits of Banana Juice

1. Maintain digestive health
Consuming a banana juice beneficial for the gut and aids digestion more smoothly. To get the results of banana juice you can try the banana juice with a glass of milk. This drink is very refreshing and give effect to smooth digestion and avoid constipation.

2. Maintaining cardiac function
Health benefits of banana juice for heart health gained from eating bananas on a regular basis. Bananas consumed will provide additional energy for the body and help the heart function. Bananas contain lots of electrolytes so that it is easy to digest and immediately processed for the body.

3. Blood circulation
Health benefits of banana juice for blood flow. Bananas contain much potassium that exquisite in regulating blood pressure. It shall reduce the symptoms of stroke and heart problem.

4. Maintaining eye health
Banana juice benefits for eye health is also evident as vitamin A, which is a lot in bananas. Banana has many vitamin A that fat soluble and is excellent for protecting the eyes. Intake of vitamin A that many will reduce the risk of blindness due to decreased function of corneas.

The women need 700 micro grams of A vitamin for each day, and men need 900 micro grams of A vitamin. Bananas also contain alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A.

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5. Benefits of bananas to reduce menstrual pain.
For women who feel pain during menstruation, bananas can be a solution to their health problem. Eat bananas during the period will suppress pain and tenderness.

6. The benefits of bananas for pregnant women
Pregnant women need many nutrients for the benefit of herself and the fetus. Pregnant women also need folic acid to prevent birth defects in children. Approximately 85-100 calories are in a banana, and these elements are essential for the formation of new cells in the fetus. Not only that, but bananas can reduce morning sickness that often occurs in pregnant women. Bananas can also keep blood sugar levels stable.

Those are some health benefits of banana juice to be in the know. If you usually eat a banana, now try changing the way, try eating a banana in the form of banana juice, so the freshness is more pronounced.