health benefits of olive oil on skin

The benefits of olive oil for the face – Olive oil is taken from the seeds of olives that grow in the Mediterranean area. This oil is known to be very nutritious for health and beauty and has been used for centuries ago. The benefits of olive oil are for hair loss, acne, and for overcoming the problem of dry skin.

One problem often faced is the problem of the face, facial acne and the appearance of black spots or acne scars that are very difficult to remove. These acne scars will have an adverse effect on your appearance. We must know how to eliminate it. One of the natural and safe ways that you can take is by using olive oil regularly.

Overcoming the problem of acne and acne scars can indeed be done in ways such as surgery with the latest medical system or by using leading beauty product at a great price, but keep in mind that the utilization of the product or the operation is not easy. Especially if side effects appear in the future, that does not want.

Pure olive oil has been proven able to overcome facial beauty problem, remove acne scars and dark spots on the face. Thus, the benefits of olive oil for the face can change your face becomes moist, remove the black spots and acne scars diminish.

However, as other natural ingredients, olive oil must also be applied in long time, you probably will not see the results in just two days or three days. You need patience in using olive oil to remove acne scars, but there are also some cases that require only a few days, the face had appeared clean. Although need a long time, the beauty results from using olive oil will also be permanent. Here we discuss directly, what are the benefits of olive oil for the face.

The benefits of olive oil for the face

1. Eliminate Acne
The benefits of olive oil as an ingredient for facial acne removal. Stubborn acne can be overcome with the use of olive oil on a regular basis on the face. Olive oil contains a lot of vitamin E, this is a very useful vitamins for healthy skin, removes pimples, smooths the skin and remove the black spots on the face due to acne scars.


2. Olive oil is beneficial for skin moisturizing
Olive oil is also beneficial to moisturize the face. For the owners of drying face can take advantage from pure olive oil to massage the face gently, using olive oil every time when you will sleep. The existence of vitamins in olive oil will moisturize the face and keep skin soft. For maximum results, use olive oil as a face mask every night.

3. Eliminate warts on the face
The benefits of olive oil for the face in removing warts. Warts can be grown in areas of the face, and it becomes a destroyer appearance for some people. To overcome this problem, you can use olive oil regularly. Rub olive oil on the warty face, preferably after bathing in the morning and evening, or when going to bed at night. Use for two weeks regularly, it will make warts disappear.

These are some benefits of olive oil for the face; there are many other advantages of olive oil related to health and beauty. You can find the health benefits of olive oil in the post “10 health benefits of olive oil.”