health benefits of banana

Bananas benefit for various health complaints. In patients with hypertension, elevated blood pressure will raise its friction with the walls of blood vessels. If increase suddenly could cause blood vessel walls rupture. If the brain vessels that rupture would cause a stroke. Results of the analysis of 33 cases conducted by researchers from John Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore showed that people who were given a potassium supplement for several days decreased systolic blood pressure of more than 3 points and diastolic close to 2 points.

Other studies indicate the three experiments using animal tests reveal any indication of a stroke which resulted in deaths associated with low intake of potassium. The higher levels of potassium consumed are the lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. For information, bananas are rich in potassium, hypertension and heart patients are strongly encouraged to eat bananas, at least one fruit a day.

Besides bananas beneficial for people with high blood pressure, bananas are also beneficial for other useful, especially for beauty problems, as shown below.

1. Benefits of bananas for Smooth and tighten facial skin

Benefits of bananas to smooth the skin has long been using by the beautiful women. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you can use ripe bananas, but not too ripe (browned color). Smoothes and tightens the skin of the face with a banana is done by making a mask of bananas.

How, one banana mixed with an egg yolk and two teaspoons of olive oil. Furthermore, mashed and mixed well into a form of the paste. Use this banana paste to the entire surface of the face, and let stand for 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with water.

2. Benefits of bananas as a skin freshener.

In addition to smoothing the skin, bananas are also useful to refresh the skin. Way, take a banana and mixed with half a cup of fresh yogurt, one tablespoon of honey. All of these ingredients are mixed and evenly blended. This mask is applied to the entire face and neck, then allowed to stand for 10 minutes. Furthermore, face and neck rinsed with cold water until clean.

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3. Benefits of bananas to regulate weight

Benefits of bananas for beauty in losing weight. Evidently, one loss of weight just by dieting four bananas, four glasses of skim milk a day. This diet is done at least three days a week, so it is consumed only 1,250 calories. This food is not too bad, and the menu is quite healthy. Besides, the diet is making skin greasy and clean. On the other hand, consume one glass “banana milkshake” mixed with honey, fruits, nuts, and mango after eating will increase the weight if regularly consumed in a long time.