health benefits of green tea with honey

5 Health Benefits Of Green Tea With Honey – Green tea is a beverage that is familiar in the community. Little by little green tea became popular, and beat other beverages such as coffee and tea. Green tea now packed with a variety of refreshing taste. Even now a different taverns is serving green tea as the main beverage. Green tea would be more delicious when combined with lemon grass and lemon.

Green tea is not good when mixed with sugar. So to sweeten the green tea you should use other materials instead of sugar. You can put a bit of honey and lemon to add the flavor of green tea.

Here are health benefits of green tea with honey

1. Improving brain function
One of the benefits of the combination of green tea with honey is to improve brain function. So this drink not only to rejuvenate the skin but also beneficial to your intelligence. The presence of honey in green tea will add flavor and make the better benefits and usefulness for health. One ingredient in green tea is caffeine, the caffeine content is low compared with the coffee can make you more focused in every affair.

2. Burn fat
Many people try to lose weight by burning calories in the body. Whereas the burning of calories or fat in the body can be done in a simple way, it is by consuming green tea. Health benefits of green tea with honey may be more pronounced to expel your body fat.

Green tea is beneficial to increase the body’s metabolism while honey is enough to reduce calories. Thus, the oxidation of fat in this way will increase to 17%.

3. Preventing cancer risk
The health benefits of green tea with honey is also good for preventing cancer risk. The combination of green tea and honey will give lots of antioxidants for the body so it is good for health. Antioxidants are important substances in foods or beverages that are very needed by the body to alleviate the risk of cancer.

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4. Good for dental health
Some people stay away from green tea because of concerns about the problem teeth. Whereas the combination of green tea with honey appears catechins, a substance that is useful in maintaining dental health. The presence of catechins in green tea mixed with honey will kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay. So this is one of the great benefits of drinking green tea with honey.

5. Good for bone health
The main problem that many people dreaded is osteoporosis. Health problems are common and affect older women. Consuming green tea with honey can be one delicious drink and strengthen bones and prevent loss. By consuming green tea and honey on a regular basis, you will feel good bone health gradually.

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Thus some of the health benefits of green tea with honey. Hopefully this article useful. Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media so that the benefits of green tea with honey could also be felt by them.