benefits of banana peel

5 Amazing benefits of banana peel – Banana is a fruit that contributes a lot of energy. We often eat bananas, and we throw banana peel directly because we do not know the benefits of banana peel. In fact, the banana peel has many benefits, aside from food goat.

For those of you who want to know the benefits of banana peel, here we review the benefits, as quoted from Times of India.

Amazing benefits of banana peel, addition for Goats

1. Fertilize plants
Benefits of banana peels to fertilize the plant. It’s very few know, even a lot of people do not know the usefulness of a banana peel like this. Banana peel can nourish the plants, you can immediately cut up banana peels and sow crops, banana peels that made like this can serve as compost.

Another way to fertilize the plant with a banana peel is by soaking in water, and the water used for watering plants.

2. Healing the wounds
Benefits of banana peel to heal wounds, few know that the banana peel turns out awesome in improving the condition of the wound. The trick is by rubbing a banana peel on the injured part, or paste it overnight.

3. Make leather and silver sparkles
For those of you who want to clean leather goods or silver, just use the banana peel. Rubbing bag or shoes from leather with a banana peel can make it look shiny. Not only that but also soaking banana peel can be used to make goods from silver more lustrous.

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4. Eliminate Warts
Furthermore, the benefits of banana peel to remove warts. Use only a banana peel by rubbing the warty skin. Let up all night, and warts will gradually shrink.

5. Expel insects
The benefits of banana peel to repel insects. For those who are gardening, you do not need to use pesticides to ward off insects, simply by using a banana peel. Sprinkle banana peel or banana skins planting close to the plant, the insects will stay away.

That’s some of the amazing benefits of banana peel in addition to food for goat. Now, you should accommodate banana peel for use as above.